# Future Retro Revolution

oraangefrr “If you are reading this chances are you know what the Revolution is. However, this model is special as ONLY 9 Units Were Ever Made In The UV Orange Finish. It is signed and numbered on the back. Not only is this only 1 of 9 ever made, this also has both the original (unused) gloss black ends as well as (the currently installed) FR carved wooden ends which look incredible. It also includes the original US power supply and manual. I have listed it as excellent condition, but it is truly in as close to mint condition as you can get. There is one TINY mark in the black paint (above the envelope knob) which you probably wouldn’t have noticed but trying to be as transparent as possible. It was only used in a smoke free (black light lit!) studio. Here are the details from FR’s site… From Future Retro Website ‘In 2006, we did a very limited production run of what we called the SE units in both a silver and UV orange finish. In addition to the obvious color changes, these were the first Revolution units to have the black aluminum end pieces. They also featured unique combinations of colored key caps and included one modification that provided a logical accent gate output on the ring connector of the gate output jack. Each unit was also hand-signed and numbered. The UV orange SE units were all sold exclusively through Analogue Addiction in the UK. Only nine of these units were made. These units were very bright in color and glowed just as bright under blacklight. These units shipped with UV red key caps that would glow orange under blacklight as well.’ ”
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