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Ensoniq VFX

“There’s more here than just a keyboard that needs work.
USA designed and built Ensoniq VFX Keyboard Synthesizer comes with 2 Sound Cartridges, Hard Case, Manual & Brochures . Unit powers up but does not complet boot. Display cycles back and forth between CALIBRATING KEYBOARD and SYSTEM ERROR 32 (See photos) This is NOT the SD model.

Keyboard Condition is For parts or not working.

This package includes

Ensoniq VFX Dynamic Component Synthesizer
Road Case – Factory supplied: very rugged, foam lined, carpet covered plywood ROAD CASE
TWO (2) Sound Cartridges – VPC-100 and VPC-102
Factory Users Manual in excellent condition
Paperwork – Ensoniq VFX Glossy Brochure
Paperwork – Ensoniq Accessory Catalog
Paperwork – “VFX Software Version 2.0 Update” P/N 9311 0023 01
Paperwork – “VFX Software Version 2.1 Addendum” P/N 9311 0025 01
Paperwork – “Important: What happens when you select a new Sound or Preset on the VFX” P/N 9311 0017 01 rev.A
Paperwork – “VFX Highlights” 5 page pamphlet
Paperwork – “Authorized Repair Station September 1, 1987” P/N 9340000601

Personal Note: I remember going to “Downtown Daves” music store in Lebanon, NH USA in 1989.
I walked into the small shop and Dave said “How can I help ya” (with an out of place accent that sounded like a NYC bus driver from Brewster with a business degree from Dartmouth, cuz that what he was )

I jokingly said, “I’m looking for a programable polyphonic synthesizer with midi, that’s velocity sensitive that also has a realistic saxophone sound, so you can press the key harder afterwards and give it some expression like a real instrument (aftertouch) Dave gruffly exclaimed, “They don’t make it!” (he always sounded that way) “But its coming out in a few months”

I came back a few month later and bought the new ENSONIQ VFX. What a great keyboard. I loved it. Finally I could add feeling to the sounds. And what great sounds they were. I had planned on fixing this synth but there are too many other projects in the studio and in life. So hopefully someone will appreciate this and benefit from it. Fix it, sell it for parts, hang it from the ceiling as a decoration. ”
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