Ensoniq SQ80 Project Machine

“VTG Ensoniq SQ80 Cross Wave Synthesizer Analog Digital Hybrid Synth PARTS/REPAIR

Vintage item sold in as-is condition, for parts or repair only.

E key towards bottom of keyboard has a broken spring. Key is functional but will not stay in up position.
A# key near the center has an issue with the velocity sensitivity feature.
Frequently fails calibration test when starting. Says that all keys must be released. If the broken key is held up, it will pass most times. However, there appear to be other unknown issues that cause it to fail. Power cycling and trying again usually resolved this in our tests.
Low Battery warning is displayed upon turning on and passing calibration.
Intermittently during our tests random keys would be triggered and held, without touching. This will continue for a moment and then the system will ‘softlock’ allowing for no more control or changes to the menus or interfaces. Keyboard must be shut down to reset. After which “Soft Reset – System Error 01. Press any key to continue.” is shown before going into calibration mode.
There are what sounds like small loose parts rattling around inside the case.
All other keys appear to work properly other than the 2 mentioned above. Velocity sensitivity is working.
All analog outputs tested, sound is fine. MIDI and other functions untested.
Buttons and the 2 sliders to navigate menus and settings are working.
Disk drive untested.” Click here to visit listing on eBay