Ensoniq SQ80

“Ensoniq SQ-80 with original manual, six voice cartridges and three blank disks.

Free Local Pick Up

I value the keyboard at $650 and the six cartridges at $350 hence my starting price. ( I do not want to sell anything separately at this time).

* Please read the full details of condition it all works but it has “personality”.
* Please ask questions if you have them.

It is fully operational including polyphonic after touch, has a new battery, all six cartridges work, floppy disk drive works , bender, mod wheel, SEQ, memory, all keys, etc.

It sounds wonderful.

Passed filter calibration tests (see photo)

Data slider was replaced and the new slider is 100% functional, but does not fit the old slider cap. (The broken slider and its cap will be included if you want to retrofit the old cap)

After its warmed up and running it turns on and off with no issues.

However, sometimes when its starting from cold, it has a boot “glitch”. Sometimes you power on and the screen does not come on, (turn off then turn on and your fine) sometimes you power on and it wants a soft reset (you do a soft reset, with power on hold down record and soft button and its back. The best voice to test its full functionality is internal 4, soft button 2 synbad. Play it and hold. press down, and you will hear the full poly after-touch.”
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