# Ensoniq SQ80

Ensoniq, SQ80 @ 24 January 2012

“I picked this unit up at an Estate sale. The only thing I have done to test it is to plug an amp in the Right Mono output on the back and make sure it powers up, display works, makes sound and all the keys and switches are working. I also inserted a floppy drive in the left side and made sure it went in ok and ejected but I don’t have the time or knowledge about this unit to do any further testing with it. When I first turn it on a message comes up on the screen about “low battery voltage” and then goes away but this doesn’t seem to effect operation. It has a cartridge that slides in on the right side that has no label on it. It weighs about 30Lbs. That’s the extent that this unit will be tested and I am selling it as-is. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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