Ensoniq Fizmo

“Excellent condition both cosmetic and the full function of all knobs, buttons, audio out/ins with no audio issues. This unit already has the power regulator replacement installed – units that still have the stock regulator are subject to being destroyed by power regulation failure. This unit also has the plastic red lens for the display – often missing. The lens is held by a little glue that can fail over time. The lens is included here, but I prefer to let the new owner decide whether to glue it back in. Unit also comes with a new old stock Radio Shack adapter with matching specs.

The Fizmo is a very unique instrument with very powerful DSP under the hood. Fantastic Ensoniq effects on board (DPPro – DP4). It’s all about the smooth, no loop point issues, of utilizing Transwaves to create complex, evolving soundscapes, with realtime control over filter, modulation, envelope parameters.” Click here to search for synths on eBay