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Ensoniq ESQ1

“Selling my beloved ESQ-1 for parts or repair. The main issue with it is the sound is barely audible which appears to be a fault with the filters. My hunch is that the fault is in the power supply or the power to the filter chips, as it’s unlikely that all 8 filter chips would fail simultaneously.

When going to the hidden Filter Calibration page, the display values are all blank (instead of eight 3-digit values ~140 like it’s supposed to display, and the unit needs to be power cycled to exit the page.

Everything else works great- keys (via midi), buttons, faders, and display. There’s a new RAM battery (2x lithium AA in a battery pack with an On/Off switch) wired to the main board.

Display works perfectly and looks much clearer in real life than in the photos” Click here to visit listing on eBay