# Ensoniq ESQ1

Ensoniq, ESQ1 @ 12 February 2019

“I really don’t know much about this keyboard, so ask questions before bidding and I’ll try to do my best to answer! You are also welcome to visit and try it out in person! I consider it to be partially to mostly working, I did try a number of the built in sounds and they seem to be working fine but some of the keys produce less sound and sometimes very little to no sound so I think they’ll need some attention. Battery warning comes on when you turn it on so it will need that replaced. I did not test any of the other various memory or other functions, only a basic test. Metal case in good shape, a lot of the lettering on the cabinet is quite worn but in general I’d say it’s in good condition or better cosmetically, no damage or signs of abuse. 2 screws are missing on the front. Comes with a nice fitted soft case, stand, original foot pedal, power cord, USB to MIDI cable and the 2 cartridges (which are untested) pictured, Music Pack and Q Spectrum. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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