# Ensoniq ASR-10 with SCSI Project Machine

ASR-10, Ensoniq @ 19 January 2016

asr10 “Original ASR-10 by Ensoniq. 1992 model year, according to the date stamp on the case. This does not work: turn on the power and the LEDs flash, either in green or red. I opened the case and found the fuse panel (see pic), and none look blown– but couldn’t find the proper schematic noting the fuse amperages (is this an earlier board version?), so I decided to pass this project along. I did open the case to determine what expansions there are: I found 16mb of memory and the SCSI interface. Also, a small paper label fell out from inside somewhere (see pic). Again, decided to pass this along as-is, instead of parting it out (but if you need the SCSI interface, this may be a good solution!). The case itself is in decent shape– no cracks or dents, but some signs of wear and scuffs. One key has been cracked and repaired.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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