E-mu SP 1200

“There are some scratches (see photos) on housing, but 100% functional.

– All brand new buttons (30pcs)
– All pad buttons (10pcs) are overhauled (break up & clean up contacts)
– All sliders are overhauled (break up & grease up, clean up contacts)
– Replaced all electric capacitor (over 70pcs)
– Replaced almost CMOS chips (over 50pcs) *weak point of SP1200
– Replaced top overlay sheet (by pre-owner)
– Replaced all washers & nuts on back side
– Brand new internal line cable
– HxC floppy emulator installed (2GB SD includes)
– VFD display installed
– Package includes original floppy drive

2GB SD card includes following library:” Click here to search for synths on eBay