# Emu SP-12 Turbo

Emu, SP-12 @ 18 September 2018

“For your consideration is a restored & modified SP-12 Turbo in excellent condition. It’s probably the sexiest one I or you have ever seen. 🙂 Why am I selling? I need to raise funds for an engagement ring (if you personally know me and are looking at this ad, don’t tell my girl! Haha!) Anyhow, short of that I’d never consider selling.

Here’s the outline of the work I had done to it (all mods/restoration work were performed by Duane Balvage):

•Gorgeous Noritake blue VFD display installed (masterfully wired up & mounted). The viewing angle is such that it can be read clearly from any angle fron several feet away!)

•Internal battery replaced with a new mount that supports a standard 2002/3 style watch battery (brand new battery installed).

•Custom rubberized sky blue faders. They look and feel amazing.

•Sample input mod allows the user to monitor the sample input by using the monitor/main volume knob. Quite useful and does not sound degraded when monitoring.

•3 brand new OEM potentiometer caps

•All output/input jacks cleaned and checked for noise with a scope.

•Inverter removed from signal path which reduces overall noise floor.

•Every slider, drum pad, and function button was pulled apart and cleaned one by one. The result is that every fuction button now responds in one press. No double pressing, hard pressing, jumpy selection, etc. OG SP users will understand that struggle and how rare it is for an SP to respond correctly when pressing function buttons.

*Slider 2 has exhibited very light jumping when doing fine editing, but it’s quite stable. I mention because I’m asking top money and don’t want any surprises for the future owner

*Drum pad 5 requires slightly harder pressing to trigger compared to the others which are very responsive. Again, if’s stable and works, just requires being pressed just right or pressing a little harder.

It is recommended that the future owner replace the original yet very well maintained sliders and drum pads to complete restoration to a like-new feel. It’s damn close as it is and studio ready. I am nitpicking on purpose so as to not disappoint even the ficklest buyers.

The only other thing worth noting is that the nuts that go around the output jacks were removed by the previous owner. I never cared and liked the tighter low profile fit of my cables without them on. I had intended to put some red Neutrik ones on there but I ordered the wrong size (few mm to big) and said F it. I’ll include them though as a reference. I’ll also include a few extra slider caps/pots I have.

I realize I’m asking all the money in the world, and rightlly so, as this is a studio ready SP-12 turbo in fine shape with all the best mods that you almost never see — and never all in one unit. Please consider that when considering my asking price. As you know the price just keeps rising on these. A NIB 1200 sold for 8.5k the orher day for perspective. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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