Emu SP-12 Turbo

“Emu SP12 Turbo Serviced
For sale is a rare vintage Emu SP12 Turbo. This one is fully functional and just got back from a full professional servicing and is ready to go for making sounds in your studio. Cosmetically it’s in great shape. It does show some wear on the sides, but the top has a newly installed graphic overlay so the top of the unit looks very clean. The only thing to note is the backlight is out on the screen (common for these old units), but you can still read the display. Replacement screens are available and can be found online. The turbo version has 5 seconds of sampling time. All pads and buttons have been serviced/cleaned for perfect triggering, and it also has had the internal battery replaced. If you have been looking for a nice SP12 that won’t give you any functional troubles, this is the one to get! The SP12 is a classic drum machine that gets you the feel and tone of the SP1200, with 5 seconds of sampling on the Turbo version. It also has awesome built in sounds so you can get straight to making beats. A more affordable solution for getting the SP1200 sequencing and crunch.” Click here to search for synths on eBay