Emu Emulator III

“Here is a very rare E-mu Emulator EIII Sequencer Sampler Module Firmware 2.0 / OS 2.40 (serial#07000223). Has the expanded 8MB ram memory. Has sounds in the built in internal drive. I made a copy of the OS disk. Extra external hard drive with cable is also included. Just checked by a well known Bay Area Tech. Few connections were resoldered. Fully tested and works as it should! I’ve uploaded a few video on my instagram “tristarmusicgear” showing the OS at power up. According to my research very few of these rack versions exist and they only show up for sale once every few years. This rack has the same exact sounds and parts as the legendary EIII keyboard.There are visible marks/scratches mostly on the top and bottom panel. Scratch on the outside plastic screen cover. The backlight is still good. Pictures also described its physical condition. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay