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Emu Emulator II+ Project Machine

“Travel back in time with this classic old synthesizer. Built by E-mu Systems in Scotts Valley, California sometime in the mid-1980s, it’s an E-mu Emulator II+ synth.

It’s all here and in pretty good cosmetic condition, but does not work. It powers up, but the LCD display reads: “Insert Diskette” and “DiskFormat Error.”

It came with two somewhat crusty old 5-1/4″ diskettes, marked “DRIVE PROTECT” and “Backwards. Jolts.” It will not read those. I tried and tried to find someone who would sell me even one good loaded diskette, but could not find anyone.

The only service I’ve done to it is clean and lubricate the disk drive control bar. I had hopes that would fix it, but no luck. As it is, the disc drives makes noise like it’s trying to read the floppy, but it just can’t grab it. The power cord is not original.

It looks like it’s complete under the hood, but I’m no expert. It came out of a long defunct home recording studio in southern Ohio.

For whatever reason, the back EMU logo had been covered with duct tape when I got. Presumably, so folks wouldn’t know what instrument was making such unusual sounds.

It has age and play wear, notably on the top housing, particularly next to the disk drive. Please see photos.

It’s being sold as a non-working repair project. Who’s up for it?

It will be well wrapped with bubblewrap and packing material and shipped in a stout new cardboard instrument box. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay