# Emu Emax HD Project Machine

Emax, Emu @ 12 August 2014

“Classic E-Mu Systems EMAX digital synthesis/sampler with analogue processing. The keyboard goes through diagnostics and attempts to load the system, but the hard drive does not spin up sometimes. This is known as spindle bearing ‘stickshun’. After a power cycle or two the drive with then spin up and you can hear it being accessed during ‘load system”. You can then begin using the keyboard. I have no software on floppy for it, but there are sources out there as well as a utility called OmniFlop which will allow you to read/write disks. The backlight on the LCD screen is good as well as the LCD screen itself. You can see from the photos that the keyboard is complete and none of it’s chips (including the SSM chips) have been removed. Due to the hard drive issue, this keyboard is sold AS-IS for repair or for parts.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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