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E-mu Emulator II Project Machine

“Emu Emulator II – Booting up not connecting to FD emulator.

Here is an original Emu Emulator II, the rarest of the eighties sampler/workstation synthesisers. Get your chance to have one, but only if you are willing to put time/funds into getting fixed.

This one has a new power supply fitted and boots on okay but it is not connecting to the Floppy Disk emulator from a SanDisk usb with all the patches on it. It simply shows the message ‘Boot In Progress’.

This emulator is not working, so do not expect it to, it requires hard work to connect the floppy disk to the synth itself in order to work.

It has wear and tear all visible in the photos provided, including scratches, paint work chips, dust gathered on keyboard face.

It is missing the end key, which may be purchased on Syntaur if you wish to replace.

It does not have any screws to connect it either so it is currently loose, again easily replaceable though.

I recommend this to only be purchased by an experienced synth servicer/engineer as it requires work to get up to working condition. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay