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EMS Rehberg

“This edition is rare, and cannot be found anywhere as a set.  Made by EMS London, and works differently than the Synthi A, although it appears to be the same. Here is a breakdown of what you get below:

In addition to the power supply, new patch cables as well as the original patch cables (standard mini jack), the lid of the “suitcase synthesis” and the original manual (or textbook) are included.

The modules of the EMS Synthis work perfectly, the overall sound and especially the filter sound very high-quality.

VCO – Voltage Controlled Oscillator • with the vibration forms sine, sawtooth, triangle and rectangle with external control voltage input for pulse width modulation • VCF – Voltage Controlled Filter • Multimode filter with 12 dB slope, low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and phaser • LFO – Low Frequency Oscillator • with the vibration forms sine and rectangle • SRG – Slow Ramp Generator •

the vibration form sawtooth • NG
– Noise Generator •
the noise generator offers white
noise • EG –
Envelope Generator (Envelope
• A-D-S-R • RM
– Ring Modulator • INV – Inverter • SL – Slew Limiter (Portamento) • EF – Envelope
Follower • External Audio
Input • Output/Mix
• Control Inputs”  Click here to visit listing on eBay