EML Electrocomp 101

eml 101 ” VINTAGE EML Electrocomp Synthesizer Model 101. Out of Electronic Music Labs in Vernon Connecticut. This is number 431 out of 1000 made. I’ve ran it through my amp and tested the keys. They are all working and do not stick. I’ve also tested every knob, oscillator, envelope and filters and modulators, ALL of the knobs and switches work, and I’ve fooled around with it enough to make every switch and knob change the sound and frequencies. It’s all very well and in good working condition. There are some slight scratches on the wooden case (as seen in pictures). The leather strap handle has been replaced with rope and electrical tape (which works fine as a handle). There are two definitive defects. One being the side latch top being broken and a chunk of the wood was taken with it *pictures*. This does not really effect the case being closed fully. Its still fine to carry around and about without opening up, and also when you set the synthesizer up, the latch can still be clamped on both sides. The other defect is the input from the keyboard part to the main board. It’s plugged into it. But indefinitely. Someone has taken the liberty of drilling a hole next to the actual input and has it plugged in somehow behind the main display board. I have not taken it apart to look. It works fine the way it is. You just can’t take the two separate pieces too far from each other because they are attached by the input cord. *see pictures*. It should make for a pretty simple fix but there will be that new hole in the display/control board.” Click here to visit listing on eBay