# Elka Synthex

Elka, Synthex @ 13 June 2017

“Utra-rare first run Elka Synthex – often incorrectly (per Mario Maggi) referred to as “PROTOTYPE”, 1 of first 50 made. I asked Mr. Maggi himself, the creator of Synthex about my “PROTOTYPE”. Here’s his reply (sic):

“Your Synthex is not a prototype, it is one rare unit of the first production run of 50 piecies. One difference concern the four voice boards were 3 trimmers was installed for each voice calibrations.

Then you have 6 trimmer on each board. For successive production 2 more trimmer was added for each voice, for a total of 10 trimmer on each voice board.

There are also minor differences on few resistences, resulting
in a slight warmer sound according to some users.”

There are some other differences, such as the wooden case not having ELKA logo, no serial number, and no holes on the sides for the keyboard stand. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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