# Elka Synthex

Elka, Synthex @ 11 April 2017

synthex “For sale is a rare Elka Synthex analog polysynth.
This is a later model with MIDI in/out/thru.
100% fully functional. Everything is working as it should.
The only issue worth mentioning is a few of the buttons are a little sticky, but they are easy to unstick and it doesn’t effect the performance because they still activate as they should (a little lube might easily fix this). Also there is some tuning/calibration needed when using in stacked double memory/preset mode. In normal mode or panel-double mode it works just as it should. A normal tuning/calibration procedure should cure this issue, I can provide a a technical manual via pdf.
It’s a 220v but for USA buyers I will include a 110v to 220v step up transformer for free if needed.
Cosmetically it shows some wear. The front panel is in nice shape but the wood sides, corners and bottom show numerous dings/scratches/chips. Check out the detailed pictures to make sure you like it.
Demo video available, message me if interested.

Sound: The Synthex one of the legendary great polysynths with huge thick analog pads. So warm and creamy. The build quality is incredible, big knobs & high quality wood. The sound is amazing, huge lush analog awesomeness. The built in chorus is fantastic, and the sequencer section is fun as well. In my opinion sounds fatter than vintage synths like the Moog Memorymoog or SCI Prophet 5 & second only to perhaps the Yamaha CS80. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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