Elka Synthex

elka “Here’s the rare chance you’ve been waiting for!
Legendary Elka Synthex analog polysynth.

What makes this one special:
117v power set for USA, very rare since most of these are European set 220v.
This is an early unit serial number 705 (I believe they started at 700 so if that’s true then this is the 5th one built).

Functional: 100% fully functional. Everything is working as it should, performs superbly. All keys trigger perfectly, the keyboard plays smoothly, pots are scratchy free and turn easily and smooth.

Cosmetics: Besides a few minor nicks in the wood, the front panel and internal electronics look mint like new shape. What’s so incredibly is that is looks like it was never even touched or played, and most likely kept unused sitting in its case all these years. Take a look at the detailed pictures below including the internal pictures to make sure you like it. The internals look perfect like new with no layers of grim or dust, and the panel graphics are crisp and easy to read without finger smudges or wear. This Synthex has not been abused and used with rust and dying parts like you might find on other old synths, this is a gem ready to last another 40 years!

Sound: The Synthex one of the legendary great polysynths with huge thick analog pads. So warm and creamy. The build quality is incredible, big knobs & high quality wood. The sound is amazing, huge lush analog awesomeness. In my opinion sounds better than a SCI Prophet 5 & as a polysynth second only to perhaps the Yamaha CS80. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay