# Elka Synthex

Elka, Synthex @ 26 June 2012

:This is an original ELKA SYNTHEX polyphonic synthesizer, mostly made famous in recordings by Jean-Michel Jarre (yes, those presets are on-board). This particular Synthex is in good working order, except that it tends to crash periodically, which basically just blanks it out for a second and it forgets what patch it was on. It’s not that big of a deal, just a minor annoyance in my experience- might be more of a problem if you plan to use this beast live (I never have). Also, some of the knobs are a little hard to turn, but I imagine this is probably an easy enough mechanical issue to fix. This Synthex comes with the much-sought-after factory installed MIDI interface, which is working, though the actual midi functionality is very basic. All other functions work properly as well, including the awesome sequencer. Cosmetically it’s in quite good shape, with minor scuffs/scrapes. The interior is immaculate. Included is the original flight case, which has a few dings in it (see pics) that don’t really affect its functionality. Also included are photocopies of the user and service manuals, as well as an extra fresh battery for the patch memory, which I never got around to installing.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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