EDP Wasp Project Machine

wassp “A vintage EDP Wasp synth in need of a service/repair.

We have fitted batteries to this and had a poke around with a multimeter and there is power appearing across the circuit board, but there is no output from the speaker, line, or headphone outputs.

Physically, it is quite good. We are aware that the cheap plastic casing of these are prone to chips and damage, but the case on this is good with no chips to corners (there are some scratches). The very fragile internal battery tray DOES have a crack, but this is not visible when the item is assembled as it is internal (the battery tray is made of even thinner plastic than the rest of the item!). It is probably easier to attend to electronic components than to try to source a good case and keyboard for one of these.

Careful examination suggests that some components have been replaced (for example one of the pot shafts is of a different color, and some of the knobs appear to be replacements).

The keyboard appears good without some of the excessive wear that you see on some of these machines on eBay. When we removed the knobs in order to have a look inside, we didn’t consider that they had been fitted in any particular order but when we we put it back together, the yellow markers on each knob now point in the wrong direction. Therefore the buyer will need to reposition the yellow tops on the knobs in order to get them to point in the correct direction.” Click here to visit listing on eBay