EDP Wasp

“EDP Wasp – this is an original UK made Wasp synth with power supply.

As you can see it is in excellent condition with all its original parts. The internal speaker works and the synth had been serviced prior to me buying it.

The Wasp features a touch sensitive keyboard which can often develop problems however this one works perfectly. All features work as they ought to and the synth is great for creating quirky noises, aggressive leads and big bass drones. There are lots of articles online. The casing of this one is in remarkable condition – I’ve owned four Wasps over the years and all have been cracked or broken, one had had a wooden case built around it the plastic was so damaged!

The Wasp came to me from a music department and has the school name etched onto it.

The only issue with the synth is that the volume pot – which doubles as an on/off switch – has been replaced and it stays permanently on although the volume is adjusted as normal. The unit is clean inside with no evidence of battery leakage. I’ve not tried using it with batteries however they would soon drain given the on/off switch issue.

If you want to hear what the Wasp synth is capable of there is an album called The Bridge by Thomas Lear and Robert Rental that was recorded in the 80s using a Wem copicat, guitar and two Wasp synths. There are numerous other demos online.

It comes with reprinted manual. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay