EDP Wasp

“A rare Electronic Dream Plant Wasp Synthesizer, serial # 001133, in working condition. Purchased from a US EBay seller in March 2016.

The original listing didn’t show what appear to be holders for a strap attached at the front of the base – to my knowledge no Wasps were produced with these but it appears to be a professional job (see close up). There are no cracks in the notoriously crack-prone case which makes me think it can’t have seen much use with a neck strap. The main cosmetic issue is that the front panel has a dusty hue suggestive of long-term storage, I’m not sure if that could be cleaned up. There are some wear marks on the left side of the touch-sensitive keyboard. As is often the case with these synths, the battery case cover is missing (see photo of rear). The white tuning pot that is normally present under the pitch bend also appears to be missing (see close up) – I haven’t opened the Wasp up because I’m not technically proficient and didn’t want to risk inadvertently causing damage. The synth can still be tuned with the pitch bend pot.”
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