# EDP Wasp

EDP, Wasp @ 03 May 2016

edp wsp “Welp, doesnt get much more rare than this little guy. Cute as button too! well for synth! Its black and yellow and its has touch sensitive keys- what more do you want! Some seriously Dark side of the moon sounding stuff with little guy! Its instant Moog, Arp, Roland all rolled into one. Its really that awesome. Check out some videos on you tube for ref. Some of the hard plastic is broken off long ago. Its just plastic after all these weren’t really thought of as made to last decades or anything. Legend has it Pink Floyd, The Who used to give these away as XMAS gifts. Can imagine finding this under your tree? Anyways sans some of the plastic being broken its in good shape. Its not mint probably a 7 as far as condition goes. Only works with power supply as the moment. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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