EDP Wasp

“I have sourced a replacement yellow cap for the missing cap and will be able to replace missing screws before sending.

WASP Analogue Vintage Synthesizer EDP Electronic Dream Plant. Condition is used.

I bought this synth in the late 90s Along with the Roland TR-606 I am also listing with my student loan.

This is as weird and wonderful as it was then.

Has no known faults and is to the best of my knowledge working as it should. The circuit board (image included) shows clear strong solders on every connection and clean inside.

Two flaws I can see:

One missing yellow knob top.(replacement found, will be sent with this)

1 screw missing on the top link connector plate externally. (Replacements found, will be sent with these)

Neither affects its working.

And the slight key fade but commensurate with age!” Click here to visit listing on eBay