EDP Wasp

“comes with boxed Kenton Pro Kadi MK11.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the images have lighting reflections on the ‘keys’ from the sun (shots were captured in my living room on a sunny day), but if you look at the main close up studio image you can see the keys are unmarked and have not faded at all.

This has been owned by me since 1987 with just one former keeper before that time and, like myself, he kept it in a smoke-free studio and never used it on the road. It’s hard to find one in this condition, no fading on the yellow keys, all original parts, speaker still working… It was recently serviced, even though it was working fine (to make certain the new owner receives a perfect functioning machine with full reliability for years to come). Kent Spong (a very highly respected synth tech) carried out the service during late December 2020 and it’s had very little use since, he stated it was one of the nicest he had seen in many years.

This one comes with a boxed Kenton Pro Kadi MK11 to allow use of MIDI with the WASP, it works perfectly and the control via MIDI is flawless with very easy plug and play connection. The WASP keyboard works perfectly but I controlled it with a MIDI keyboard to save waring out the nice yellow ‘keys’ (a problem often seen with many other WASPs, but gladly not this one).

Manuals for both the WASP and boxed Kenton Pro Kadi are included, as is the Power Supply Unit for each item (UK three-pin 240 Volts), and all leads to connect and use the WASP and Kadi together.

There is just one tiny opening (smaller than my finger nail, see image) where the screw on the rear panel used to sit, I overtightened it years ago and caused the screw hole to expand a little. It does nothing to the casing (no movement at all) and is situated to the rear panel under the ‘lip’ of the top edge so unless you lift the body up and look hard to find it you will not see this (it can’t be seen from the main interface either). I don’t want any surprises for the winning bidder and this is the ONLY thing to point out, the entire unit is otherwise 100% perfect.

There is no battery acid leakage in the compartment, the synth is in immaculate cosmetic condition and functions perfectly with stable tuning in both VCO’s. It sounds as big as many of my other analogue mono synths, Sequential, Moog, Roland, and delivers a unique sound which I can’t recreate on anything else I use in the studio and forget the Behringer Clone, they do now produce some nice copies but their WASP sounds nothing like the original, especially the phat and rich filter! I’m only reluctantly selling as I am putting funds towards a new project.” Click here to visit listing on eBay