Crumar Trilogy

” CRUMAR TRILOGY,polyphonic analog synt!
CEM and SSM vintage chips.
Nice condition for its age.
Sounds strong analog.
Few scratches on woodsides and front panel.
Crumar Trilogy is very collectable,the prices go to 900-1200 USD,check on internet.

This synt is not in mint condition and need some tunning and fixation to work perfect,so I set the price lower.

I checked this synt ,and will describe the issues I found on this synt
1.There are preset cards inside the synts,but the preset button on the front panel stuck on preset number 6,(see picture)it doesnt move when other presets are pushed.
2.Ocilators 1 and Oscilators 2 ,VCF filter,LFO ,drawbars and pots works,few pots dont affect the sound when rotated,maybe it is lack of my understand of this keyboard or circuits isssue.
3.The envelope doesnt work althrough I found it is not dead.When I disconnect the connector on the board inside ( see picture)then the envelope start to react but the VCF filter doesnt work.Or vice versa.
3.The synt output connector on the back panel is dump ,but it works fine.
4.Jostick plastick missing,oscilator sync button accept after few pushes, and envelope release potenciometer cap missing,but it can be move up down

Generally,the synt works and produce nice analog sound but there is some circuits mess or connection issues beetween oscilattors, VCF and envelope.Need proffesional touch.” Click here to visit listing on eBay