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Crumar Bit 99

“Crumar Bit 99 Analogue synthesizer – Needs repair.

It works but has some problems.
Mainly needs to get up to temperature before resonance kicks in on filters – suspect a cracked pub track or wire
Also some note rotation oddity, some notes don’t play. but this is not a keyboard/ keybed problem. Its completely random.

All 6 CEM 3328s are good and work. So could be used as donor.

Probably needs a re cap and check all pcb traces to make working fully again,

These are awesome sounding synths, give oberheims and JP6s a run for money.
Sonically kick Junos out of the park.
Once I got this many years ago I sold my Juno as better richer sounding and much more versatile.
Has Midi, and there are midi SYSex editors for it. However the keypad entry is pretty quick once you get used to it. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay