# Chroma Polaris

Chroma, Polaris @ 26 July 2011

“While not quite as flexible it’s big brother, or as expressive, with it’s arguably warmer sound, and a much more friendly user interface, the Polaris is still a stupid good deal in the vintage poly market.

It has two real VCOs, the same warm CEM filters as the Prophet T8 and Xpander, and still doesn’t skip on the expression options by any means, with assignable levers and pedals, and *velocity control* of both filter and VCA envelopes. Modulation is pretty deep as well- the envelopes and LFO can control pretty much everything and the is a ring modulator for cross-modulation of the VCOs. Sounds can be both stacked and split, making for some huge sounds.

Rounding things off is a sequencer and analog tempo sync ins and outs, and of course, the best part, the polaris’ truly modern midi implementation, from the factory. All the main sound parameters can be adjusted via midi, so I can tweak it from across the room on my knob box without ever turning away from my DAW.

This Polaris was just restored by the Good Guys in St. Paul, MN, who’s reputation for fixing the Chroma line is about as good as it gets. They still have guys with factory training that have been fixing these babies since they were new and work with many famous clients. The repairs included a real pro membrane repair which is the big problem with these, and this one should be good for many years to come. All voices tune up without fail, all buttons and sliders work great. The cosmetic condition is good , expecially for it’s age. Wood ends are in good shape with only a few minor scuffs and imperfections and the exterior is free from any real obvious scratches or dents.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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