# Chroma Polaris

Chroma, Polaris @ 19 April 2011

“If you are looking at this, you know more than I can possible write about it. This is used but in like new condition. I’ve played it. All the keys work. All the sounds work. And they are rich, unique sounds. But I don’t have the knowledge or time to figure out if everything is working. When I adjust the sounds they do adjust. When I tried to test the midi, I couldn’t get it working but I don’t know if it is my limited ability or perhaps there are some functions or buttons that need a little service. But you can play and perform live with it right now because all the keys, sounds, and toogle adjusters are working fine. There are two missing wedge handles you can see in the photo. But all the rest are there, including the two on the far left below regular buttons. I believe I’m the second owner. It was passed to our family by a pro who used it for many many years, with a lots of success. He finally upgraded to something state of the art. I play at church and had hoped to incorporate this into our music, but it doesn’t fit in, and I have only limited time to learn it. So I’m hoping somebody who really appreciates this vintage synthesizer sees it and buys it. If you’ve always wanted one, this is your chance to get a pretty good one. Cosmetics are excellent. And as I mentioned above all functions appear to be working but I don’t guarantee that because it will do lots of things I don’t have the knowledge to test. I’ve seen lots of them that are beat up and good for parts. This is not that. This is a player. It looks great. And the sounds are very cool, rich, deep, wild, unique. I have another keyboard that I play at church and the sounds in it are chincy compared to these synthesizer sounds. And I’ll pack it really well, by surronding it in bubble wrap so it just floats in the box. I have the power chord but that’s it. No pedals no manuals, although lots of manuals and documents are available for free on line.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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