Cheetah MS6

“Cheetah MS6 synth with MAAD upgrade and in nice condition – it is unusual to see the top graphics still intact on the MS6, but my one for sale here has the graphics still in place. Unit has a few scratches here and there, but is definitely one of the best you are likely to find. Works perfectly, all buttons work fine, all voices checked and work fine and it stores patches in memory, fine.
Lovely sounding synth with a big fat and ballsy analogue sound and you can stack sounds on top of each other x 6 for insane fatness. MAAD upgrade allows or you to program it from midi cc (I used the free editor for Ableton Live and it works great).
This is from my personal collection of synths and has never given me a moments trouble – it’s a good one.” Click here to visit listing on eBay