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qx1 “1984 Yamaha QX-1 Music Sequencer (Version 1)

I did some basic checks and it looks good. See photos.

All self Tests: Pixels, Characters, Symbols, Functions, Ram, Tempo Dial and Buttons passed.

That’s a good thing when regarding this unit!

I played an old QX disk I have and you can see the current play screen at the bottom (1st picture).
So it does LOAD & PLAY correctly.

The lit green LEDs are the MIDI output channels & that can be of
any combination depending on what is on the disc.

Haven’t recorded in years and I’ve forgotten how so I can’t check that. But I’d say it probably
records fine given the test checks pass and the disk drive is up to speed.

It has been kept in a cool dry bedroom closet. Not even my Grandson has been able to find this
and ask me about it.

Sorry, there are NO DISKS or MANUALS included.

Built like a tank! No cheap plastic here and fairly heavy.

Good decent sequencer if you know how to operate it.

If for no other reason, I have to say it still has a COOL RETRO look about it.
Of course, do not buy it for that reason..unless you really feel compelled to.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Hi, up for auction are a Yamaha TX816 rack mount, a Yamaha QX-1 sequencer and a Boss Br 800 8 channel mixer. All are in near mint condition. These were purchased new by a worship leader from a local church. This auction includes all manuals for the TX816 and QX1. Also included are 8 midi cables and 8 xlr to 1/4 inch cables. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“The QX1 is a real business tool. Only studios and demanding musicians were offered this jewel. It was described
as “a concentrate of technology compact and light of extraordinary power.” The beast still measures 52 cm wide, 33 cm deep and 10.5 cm high and weighs 7.5 kg!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Yamaha TX-216 + 2 Midi Rack with a total of (4) TF-1 DX-7 Sound Modules and a Yamaha QX-1 Midi Sequence Recorder Bundle. (with both manuals in .PDF on CD)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Up for sale is a Yamaha package consisting of a Yamaha TX816, a QX1 sequencer and an RX11 drum machine and a box of discs for the QX1. The TX 816 and RX11 work perfectly. The QX1 starts and displays the message I pl” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Today I am auctioning off my Yamaha QX-1. It looks great and works great too! It comes with the two original manuals and even the RETAIL BOX! The backlight is still bright as ever, surprisingly for a piece of this vintage. This was one of the first high-end stand-alone MIDI sequencers. Much like the other “1” machines, stuff like the DX-1 and GX-1, it was extremely expensive when it first came out and only available to the elite of musicians. The thing has 8 bloody MIDI out ports! More than a MPC-60… Double in fact. If you’ve ever worked with any of Yamaha’s MIDI sequencers you’ll know they are arguably the best for getting ideas down quickly, this unit is no different. The keys feel great compared to the crappy keys in most stuff these days. Simply a joy to work with (especially compared to using a PC for sequencing). The swing and feel of these units is irreplaceable. While it is in good shape and works fine, I misplaced the disk for it, so you’d need to hunt one of those down to use it. These don’t pop up often so get it while you still can. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Up for auction is a Yamaha QX1. It has been tested and works well. The only issue we could find is that the floppy drive is noisy. That being said, it has been twenty years since I used 5.25″ Floppies, so I don’t exactly remeber how noisy these were:-). In any case, it comes with only one floppy but we were able to save sequences and play them back from it, so everything works as it should. I won’t bore you with an endless list of specs downloaded from some website. If you’re looking at this, you probably already know how what this is and that it is not really useful in actual poduction these days, but it is a collectors item at this point. They are difficult to find in nice, running condition. There is a small dent near the wire guard that covers the button for the floppy drive and a small dent/nick on the front left corner. I’ve included pics of both of these. Other than that, it has the usual small scratches for something of this age, but even at that, it is remarkable well preserved. It also includes the original manual. ” Link

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“QX1 Sequenzer, Yamaha, das Gerät spielt die Diskette nicht mehr ab, obwohl wie es auf einem Bild (Display) ersichtlich ist, Sequenzer Betriebsbereit ist, für einen Experten sollte das keine große Sache sein, aber das kann und möchte ich nicht Beurteilen wollen.Das Gerät wurde ganz wenig auf Bühnen benutzt und besitzt ein Flightcase,Bedienungsanleitung liegt bei,Disketten auch.Ich gebe das Instrument günstig ab, da ich es zum wegwerfen zu Schade finde.Bitte keine Paypalüberweisungen.Keine Tiere und kein Raucher Haushalt.

Gerät sehr gepflegt.

Selbsabholung ist möglich. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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” Sie bieten hier auf einen Yamaha QX-1 vintage MIDI sequencer aus dem Jahre 1986.

Der Sequencer ist funktionsfähig und wurde von mir nur kurz genutzt. Außer etwas Staub ist das Gerät in einen sehr guten Zustand. Floppy Disk ist auch noch drin.

Im Lieferumfang befinden sich neben dem Gerät noch die Bedienungsanleitungen im Original.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“The Yamaha QX-1 was one of the first professional song recorder/arranger tools for the MIDI studio. It has an internal 5 1/4″ disk drive and 8 midi outs and was expensive in its day. I believe this first came out around 1986.

This QX-1 has a nice heavy duty carrying case that had a tag from Japan Airlines on it so perhaps it was used by someone decent enough to tour the world. The case measures 23″ by 15 3/4″ and is 5 1/2″ wide. It also has rubber stoppers on its bottom.

I don’t know anything about how it works or whether it is working. It turns on and lights up with the screen shown. When I look in the slot for the disk with a flashlight, it does not look like there is a disk in there & the button doesn’t push in. This item is being sold as-is with no returns so take a good look at the pictures. The QX-1 along with its case weighs approx. 28 pounds before packing” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for auction is a Yamaha QX1 MIDI Sequencer. Powers up, althoug disc eject not working properly, I dont know much about how it works, or how should work, or if works properly. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.