Yamaha QX1

qx1 “1984 Yamaha QX-1 Music Sequencer (Version 1)

I did some basic checks and it looks good. See photos.

All self Tests: Pixels, Characters, Symbols, Functions, Ram, Tempo Dial and Buttons passed.

That’s a good thing when regarding this unit!

I played an old QX disk I have and you can see the current play screen at the bottom (1st picture).
So it does LOAD & PLAY correctly.

The lit green LEDs are the MIDI output channels & that can be of
any combination depending on what is on the disc.

Haven’t recorded in years and I’ve forgotten how so I can’t check that. But I’d say it probably
records fine given the test checks pass and the disk drive is up to speed.

It has been kept in a cool dry bedroom closet. Not even my Grandson has been able to find this
and ask me about it.

Sorry, there are NO DISKS or MANUALS included.

Built like a tank! No cheap plastic here and fairly heavy.

Good decent sequencer if you know how to operate it.

If for no other reason, I have to say it still has a COOL RETRO look about it.
Of course, do not buy it for that reason..unless you really feel compelled to.” Click here to visit listing on eBay