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tarmey “This unit is in very good cosmetic condition. It shows some wood chipped on the sides towards the back, besides that it is functional working unit.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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Starkey “For sale is a rare vintage starkey hearing science laboratory programmer analog modular synthesizer. this was originally built for hear and speech sciences experimentation. Today some use this machine as synthesizer, gate, trig-processor or trig sequencer. This is very desirable and are rare.This unit is in excelent condition and it works.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Powers on fine, all sound generators and sound processors work. The programmer is the only thing we couldn't fully test. Decent cosmetic condition. Some pots are scratchy” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Starkey Hearing Science Laboratory. This appliance dates from approx. 1977/78. This would have been used for controlled hearing tests and was sourced from the speech and language therapy department of a university, my interest in the item was from the point of view of creating electronic music.

Effectively this is a modular patch synth. Sources are three sine waves and a buzz frequency, feeding into three filters, amongst other things. I have attempted to provide a photograph that displays the circuitry. I have not made sense of the bottom Programmer section, but it all lights up and does something!

The unit creates some quite sonic assaulting sounds, as well as some quite exciting wavering low drones. The essence of what it does, I would say would not be that far removed from the music of Throbbing Gristle or Add n to X. There is a mic and line in so voice and instruments can be fed through and mixed with the synth sound for effect, I have had great fun experimenting with this.

The unit is in good condition and all working, comes with a cover and patch leads. A very technical friend soldered a fuse carriage inside as it was missing, so it has also had the once over from him, but no official certificate. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Verkaufe meinen bestens funktionierenden und sehr seltenen Starkey Hearing Science HSL Modular Synthesizer.
Das Gerät verfügt über sehr viele modulare Möglichkeiten und ist besonders für experimentelle und
abgedrehte Sounds bestens geeignet.
Mein Gerät ist die bereits erweiterte und modifizierte Version, die zusätzliche In- und Outputs,
drei separate LFOs 2 und Gate-Eingänge hat.
Es sieht ähnlich aus wie ein Synthesizer EMS VCS3 und hat ähnliche Möglichkeiten.
Natürlich sind die EMS Geräte umfangreicher und besser ausgestattet 🙂
Der Zustand ist sehr gut für das Alter !
Die Module werden mit Minibananensteckern verbunden und ich packe genügend davon dazu.

Es enthält folgende Module :
3 x VCO
White & Pink Noise
Buzz (LFO) mit Sägezahn- und Rechteckwelle
3 x VCF Low/High/Bandpass mit Resonanz
Phase Control
Output Limiting mit Attack & Recovery
4 x Attenuators
3 x unabhängige LFOs mit jeweils 3 Wellenformen
Gate A B
Mixer A B
VU Monitor
Phase Test
Audio Input Modul mit Vorverstärker.

Dazu hat der HSL noch einen Programmer eingebaut, mit dem man Tonfolgen
speichern und abrufen kann.
Das umfangreiche grosse Manual müsste ich auch noch haben und wenn ich es
finde, packe ich es noch dazu.
Es gibt ein paar Videos auf Youtube, die allerdings nicht von mir sind.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.