Sequential Circuits Model 700

used model 700 ” This listing is for one late-70s vintage Sequential Circuits Model 700 Programmer in worn but good cosmetic condition and excellent functional condition. It recently underwent full electronic restoration by genius tech Dave Brown and is working perfectly. He posted full details of the restoration on his modularsynthesis website. Unit has attached power cable and is a 120V model.
This is a Mk 1 unit and is likely a bit of history, I think Dave Smith was making these by hand. There is no microprocessor, all switching, sequencing and memory is analog.

You might ask “what do I need a programmer for now that I have midi/Expert Sleepers/eurorack/etc?” While that was its original intended use think of it this way:
–You have 2 DADSR envelopes with attenuation and 3 manual voltages
–You can save these settings in 8 banks of 8 settings
–You can then step through each back in 1-8 steps with an analog trigger or gate, essentially making an 8×3 sequencer with different envelope settings per step!
–Also, there is a transpose input so you can run a keyboard 1v/oct cv in and transpose your voltages (individually selectable for each of the 3 voltages)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Model 700 Project Machine

model 700 “This is a VERY RARE Model 700 Programmer by Sequential Circuits. It was a product designed to allow you to save presets for your CV based analog synths. Just check it out online for all the details, features and specs.

This one will need some service, so it’s priced very cheap compared to what they typically sell for. It does power on, but the 2-digit LED display rarely shows any data, and controls/lights aren’t doing anything. I would assume that the internal battery does need to be replaced, but no clue beyond that what will be involved in getting it up and going. There also appears to be something missing on the back right above the Output – Input label (see pictures).

This was a piece we had the intentions of refurbishing and keeping here, but there has just been no time whatsoever, and it needs a new home.

Again, selling it strictly as-is at this price (no returns), MUCH CHEAPER than these sell for in the rare cases that they do show up. If you’re up for refurbishing it yourself, grab it now and save yourself a bundle!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Model 700 Programmer

prelude“This is a very rare Sequential Circuits Model 700 Programmer designed to work in tandem with synths like Arp 2600s, Minimoogs (with CV) and other analog synths that didn’t have the ability to store patches to have some of that capability. It includes a lot of great on board features. This particular unit still has the box and was barely used making it very close to new for such a vintage piece from the late 70s!” Click here to visit listing on eBay