Roland Juno 106

“This has been fully gone through by Switched On in Austin Texas. This Roland Juno 106 plays and functions as if it was brand new. Everything was cleaned and tightened up. Capacitors changed, chorus section checked out, all contacts cleaned, Even the faulty sound chips have been upgraded to the Analogue Renaissance Chips! So no worry about sound chips dying, which with Juno 106’s…’s not if but when! This thing is Perfect!” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Juno 106

“Up for sale is a really great iconic synth in great condition. For those looking, Im sure that we all know the classic maintenance problems that vintage Junos can have: the old voice chips eventually all go bad and the bucket brigade responsible for the classic Juno Chorus is known to fail, along with scratchy pots and sliders. Not to worry on this unit, I recently cleaned all the sliders and pots with deoxit and they sound great, especially the volume pot which seems to always sound scratchy with time. The voice chips have all been swapped with the much desired Analog Renaissance chips, ensuring the sound stays the same but makes the Juno future proof for a long time to come.

The previous owner said there was an issue with the Chorus, where the VCA at max value would cause the Chorus to sound distorted. But upon closer inspection I researched and found the culprit to not be the irreplaceable bucket brigade chips but two transistors in the Chorus circuit. After replacing them the Juno Chorus worked better than ever. The only slight issue I could find on the Juno is the VCF frequency slider doesn’t seem to kick in until about the 4 notch, but then works perfect after that. Comes with really nice SKB hard case with wheels for easy transport.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Juno 106


Polyphonic Vintage Analogue Synthesiser

Excellent Condition!

Sounds superb and is working very well following a full service by our specialist!

• Original unmodified Roland chips which have been fully checked and tested

• It has been stress-tested and all voices are rock solid and stable and perfectly calibrated

• Filter and Envelopes have been adjusted to the correct settings and it has the beautiful sounding Self-oscillating Resonance

• No scratchy pots or wobbly sliders it really is in perfect condition and you are free to run the Test Mode to check for anything

• UK 220V” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Juno 106

“Used but in good working condition. There are some cosmetic faults which have have no affect on performance such as: minor scuffs / scratches, a few screws are missing from the side boards, 1 knob is missing on vca level, tape on some keys. Please check all the photos.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Juno 106

“Mint Roland Juno-106 Synthesizer W/ Owner’s Manual. This Juno-106 is essentially in mint condition. I am the second owner and it has stayed in a smoke-free environment. It was fully serviced by the previous owner and barely used by me. It also comes with the very rare original owner’s manual. Good luck finding another unit in this quality of shape. Power cable is included as well.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Juno 106

“You will receive the pictured items. Please check the item’s condition. I bought it new in the late 1980s and it worked well with DX as the stereo output expanded. After that, it had been stored in the warehouse. It hadn’t been used for a long time, so I took it to a repair studio specializing in vintage synthesizers to have some parts replaced and some cleaning is done. It’s big and heavy, but it’s still an attractive piece of equipment. The hard case is only for shipping because it is partially broken. It will be cleaned with disinfectant before packing.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Juno 106 Project Machine

“This will need to be serviced. It powers on and all of the functions for designing a sound work (adsr, lfos, pwm, portamento, chorus, ect). The things that haven’t been tested are the programming and saving of custom patches and banks, patch shift output, pedal hold output, and tape output and other possible functions I’m not aware of. I successfully connected it to my PC/DAW with a midi to usb cable (I’m not sure if all other midi functions work). And also connected it to my audio interface using a TRS cable.

The problem it has is some of the keys will not play the sound and or the sound will be messed up. Sometimes some patches on a certain key will give back lots of static. I’m guessing this is all a voice chip issue. It may be something else and there may be other issues that I’m not aware of. If you have any specific questions please ask and I’ll answer to my best of knowledge. If you need to test test something specific let me know as well. I’ll try my best.

The original owner gifted this synth to me. He was my neighbor and use to play in a jam band. He told me he has serviced it before in the past.

Comes with power cable and the 1/4 trs adapter for headphones.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Juno 106

“I bought this 106 about four years ago when I was travelling in the USA. It wasn’t working well at the time but I brought it back to the UK with me and serviced it.

It’s now working perfectly.

It was originally a 120v model. On inspection the transformer has a 240v input as well as 110v. So I re-soldered the power connecter to the the 240v input and its been happily working on UK mains since.

The other problem it had was a couple of the voices were cutting out. This is a common problem which I researched and was able to fix easily enough.

I removed the six voice chips and soaked them in acetate to remove the think rubber coating which was on them. I then added header boards to the main PCB and replaced the chips, since then everything has worked perfectly. The addition of the header boards means that the chips can be easily changed in the future without the need for a soldering iron.

Cosmetically all of the sliders and buttons are working, and the memory functions as it should.

All of the keys are working and the paint work is in good condition.

If you look at it in the light there is a misty sheen on the top surface, it’s as if someone cleaned it with a heavy duty cleaner which left a residue. I’ve tried wiping it down with IPA but that didn’t help and then decided to leave it as its hard to notice and didn’t bother me.

The power cable has a USA plug on it so will need an adaptor

Included with the sale is a Gator semi hard gig bag which will protect the synth in transit. It’s quite heavy so I think postage will be £25. I’m based in Cardiff and if potential buyers would like to try the synth or pick it up after the auctions finished that’s fine with me.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Juno 106 with KIWI-106 Mod

“Juno 106 – “The One” – Kiwi Mod, Analogue Renaissance, Overlay, Recap.

This is “The One”: an early Juno 106 (metal portamento switch) in immaculate condition. Please see the pictures as they form part of the item description.

As you should hopefully know, the most common fault on a Juno 106 is failed voice chips. Which is why on this Juno, all voice chips and wave chips have been replaced with Analogue Renaissance chips. These chips are built to a very high tolerances, making them more reliable than the original chips, while sounding identical. Any Juno out there which has not had its chips replaced with analogue Renaissance chips is likely to have a voice chip failure. Be wary of any listings for Junos which have had “repaired” chips. Sellers often dip the chips in acetone which will temporarily fix the chips, but they *will* fail again. That is why you should always look for a Juno which has Analogue Renaissance chips, awkward it for an additional £500 to £600 to have some fitted.

The power supply unit on this Jumo has also been recapped, ensuring the voltages are correct and stable, prolonging the life of this Juno.

Also fitted is the Kiwi 106 CPU board, aka KiwiMod. This adds many features, such as an arpeggiator which was missing from the Juno 106 previously found on the Juno 60, it also adds a sequencer, additional envelopes and LFO. It also adds a superb UNISON mode with detune, making this Juno an amazing bass synth, as well as all the usual Juno sounds we all know and love. Also included is the optional swap backboard allowing the original CPU board to be refitted if you so wish. You should check out the Kiwi Technics website for full details.

Finally the unit has been fitted with the Kiwi overlay, helping the player navigate their way around the extra features which the kiwi mod brings.

Basically, this is the Juno you want, this is THE ONE!” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Juno 106

“Up for auction is a recently serviced, very clean Roland Juno 106 Vintage Analog Synthesizer 61 Key Keyboard Synth with Hard Case.
This has been recently serviced. All voice chips have had their ethanol bath and one has been replaced. New mod wheel. The board sounds just like new.
The power supply has been modded to accept a regular 3-prong plug, so any plug that works with a computer will fit this unit. (3-prong plug included).

The body is extremely clean except for a few minor blemishes. See the pictures. Faders are noiseless and clean.

Included is a super nice, padded hard case.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Juno 106

“Roland Juno 106 in great shape. Looks amazing. No big scratches etc. It is fully functional and has been recently serviced (July 2019), and sounds fantastic. Comes with case, a wattage transformer for American power outlet

Cosmetically, this Roland synthesizer is almost mint, with clean and virtually unfaded key caps, all original slider caps intact, and bright graphics. This synth is straightforward, powerful, and the perfect balance of thick analog warmth and modern digital convenience.

Comes with a transformer so you can use the American power outlet
Some knobs are a bit scratchy when turning. Spray would probably help. The nature of things with old synthesizers.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Juno 106

“Up for sale is a lovely roland juno 106 synth

This synth is in great physical and operating condition. It has been fully serviced, restored and calibrated by myself (professional synth tech).

Plays lovely and chorus is nice and quiet.

The following work has been completed.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Juno 106

“Classic Roland Juno-106 Juno 106 Keyboard Synthesizer Serviced & Calibrated by a Dave Trouse, Bay Area tech and long time keyboard tech for the Santana band. All original factory sounds are loaded in. Battery is good. Works & plays great! Great cosmetic shape with just minor marks/scratches. Includes power cord only.”
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Roland Juno 106 with Roland MSQ-100

“This auction is for a working Roland Juno-106, and a working Roland MSQ-100 Sequencer!

This synth has been a labor of love, but it’s time for me to move on and make some space now that I have a Juno60. 🙁 This synth has a long story behind it, so please read the description carefully.

Right, now let’s talk about the Juno! This synth was a rescue. When I got it, it was covered in stickers, dried masking tape, and dust. It had numerous issues which I gradually fixed myself over the course of five months. This is probably the biggest project I’ve ever undertaken on my own and I really want to see this synth go to a loving home.

I have done the following:

>Swapped the ENTIRE front panel PCB with a “new” old one, as the original had too many issues to salvage. All controls are now working perfectly.
>Resoldered the AC inlet, as someone had replaced it without soldering it together properly. (It’s the newer type with three prongs, by the way!)
>Resoldered the power switch, as it had broken off
>Replaced the battery, installed a plastic battery holder that sits neatly between the CPU board and voice board (see pics)
>Reloaded presets
>Replaced Voice Chip 1 with another 80017a. (Yes, I did it right and actually put it in a socket)

>The previous owner replaced Voice Chip 6 with a clone from analogue renaissance.

All six voices are now working great!! I’ve let it run for several hours now and I’m not hearing any crackles or dropped notes. But please consider, if you want to completely future-proof this voice board, check out synth spa for a comprehensive restoration process. Not currently needed, but something to remember since five of the six voices are still original, non-stripped voice chips. I haven’t calibrated the two new ones, but everything sounds ok to me.


> Chorus is working great, but it is somewhat noisy. Maybe 50% noisier than my Juno-60. You will receive two NEW replacement chips (clones) + sockets so if it bothers you, you can swap them out. I didn’t mess with it. I think the noise gives it character, but to each their own.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Juno 106

“A rare beauty in showroom condition…one owner who never gigged with it. Recently future-proofed with all voice chips stripped and cleaned, new battery installed with easy clip remover, new capacitors, calibrated, and original factory presets installed (receipt with proof of work included). All sliders, buttons, displays, and switches in perfect working condition. Includes manual, power cord, and handy patch reference guide. North American power specs, shipped from PA.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Juno 106 Project Machine

“You are bidding on a previously owned Roland Juno 106 synthesizer that will need repairs. This auction is for the unit you see pictured. Nothing else included. It comes as pictured. Please take a moment to look at the pictures and get a better idea of what you are bidding on. The unit makes a buzzing noise when plugged in and the power connector is loose. The buzzing noise sounds like it is inside the unit near the power supply. It has some sort of electrical issue. All of the keys are responsive and it does put out sound. It will need service. This unit has scuffs and scratches from use. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Juno 106

“This is a fully refurbished Roland Juno 106 and it’s in excellent condition with one scuff as pictured, but it can be cleaned up with a magic eraser. The work was done by Bell Tone Synth Works, if you don’t know, you better ask somebody about them, but they do excellent work. The list is below. Why buy a Juno 106 that “works” now and may break very soon, when you can buy this one that you KNOW will give you years of trouble free playing. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay