Roland JD-800

“Used Roland JD-800 in very good condition. Everything works, no issues with keys (including aftertouch), minor wear around bend joystick and hairline crack in plastic on the right side panel – inherited from previous owner.

Also comes with Roland SL-JD-80-06 Strings Ensemble cards. I also have number of custom and premium patch banks and sound editor for Windows on my old XP drive that I will dig up for a “Buy it Now” buyer! I will only go through the hassle of digging it up with “Buy it Now”, as I have to go through multiple drives to find it and it will be very time consuming. No exceptions. Sorry.

Without Buy It Now, item will come as pictured with cards, manual (1 of 2), power cable and professionally packed for safe journey anywhere in the world.”
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Roland JD-800 Project Machine

“Keyboard has 19 keys not producing any sound when I tested with headphones. They are marked with tape in the pics

One key also shown in the pics is all the way down as if it has no spring in it. Feels like that (8th white key from the left)

Some of the keys feels stuck a little bit together (sticky keys)until you separate them by pressing down each key individually holding up the others it’s stuck to. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland JD-800

“This Roland JD-800 is in great cosmetic condition and is fully functional. All knobs, buttons, sliders, keys, etc. work as they should. It was professionally serviced several months ago, which included the removal of the infamous red glue. Servicing details are as follows:

– Red glue removed
– Regreased bushings
– Cleaned all PCB contacts
– Replaced all rubber contacts w/ fresh contact strips
– Re-adheared key weights, attention to fulcrum etc for consistent action” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland JD-800 Project Machine

“Look ma, no keys!

This is a Roland JD-800 synthesizer that is in great working condition – as a sound module. The sound electronics and the front panel controls, as well as the display screen all work great. The keys have been removed, as they had the dreaded red glue problem. I felt the shop wanted too much to install a new keyboard, so I just decided to use it as a sound module, driving it with MIDI, and it works great. If you’re handy, I am including the original keys, and new key springs, should you want to put keys back into it. However, for the weighted action that the original keyboard had (the weights were attached with the red glue), and the aftertouch, you’d probably need to spring for (get it?) a new keyboard assembly.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland JD-800

“This is a great keyboard. Modern classic. A lot sounds on this came from Eric Persing, known for his sample CD collections & programming work.

This particular JD800 has seen a lot of action.

The good — all the keyboard keys work and feel great, as does the pitch bend wheel. The screen is bright and easy to read. The sound outputs all sound clean. The bank number buttons make it easy to go through the great sounding presets. Yes, it is playable as-is.

If you’re looking for a JD-800 much cheaper than all the others to plug in and play the bank number presets, you’ve found it.

The not as good — this synth is older and has seen a lot of use. It shows a fair amount of cosmetic wear and tear. I would recommend the next owner take it to a tech for a tune up (including going through the keyboard and cleaning or replacing the faders and some of the buttons).

Yes, all the faders respond / change their specific parameter when you use them, but they are “jumpy” / do not respond as they should. Because of this I do not consider the instrument 100% functional so am selling it as-is for parts or repair, no returns.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland JD800

“I will describe the condition, and current state, but I cannot answer technical questions. Please use Google for downloads of the manual, and technical specifications.

The synth is in overall fair condition (7 out of 10, in my opinion) A bit of wear to the surface finish around the cursor buttons – see photos.

All buttons have been checked, and they all work as they should, without the need for excessive force. The data slider and volume control are fine too.

Audio outputs are good.

I have checked the MIDI in and out, both fine.

The backup battery was changed very recently, and the factory sounds and combinations have been restored (using a system exclusive data dump).” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland JD-800

“Please find for sale my much loved ROLAND JD-800.

This Vintage synth is the definitive sound of the 90’s. Packed with knobs and sliders and a 61 key keyboard it is an absolute pleasure to program and play.

This is a reluctant sale as I need to make space when I move – so will be selling at a low price.

This unit has recently been professionally serviced and given a good internal clean and is fully functional.

Cosmetically in very good condition with a few minor blemishes.

Looks like a couple of the pixels in the display (see image) are underlit but there may well be a contrast setting that retifies this.

I will include the 2 pin power cord.

The only downside is that because it has a sturdy metal casing it is very heavy so postage price will need to reflect that.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland JD-800

“This is an iconic synth from Roland that I have owned and loved for 25 years. It has only had studio use and has been well looked after.
Unfortunately these synths suffered from failure of key contacts, so a few years ago I had mine replaced with a full working keyboard. This lasted only a short time before also failing. So what you have here is a very capable synth that can only be played via another midi keyboard/sequencer. All other switches and sliders are working correctly.”
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Roland JD-800

” Up for sale is the legendary Roland JD 800 synthesizer. The unit has the infamous red glue problem that has rendered the keys unplayable but this issue does not affect the module at all and as a sound source/module it works as intended. Cosmetically the synth is in very good condition as can be seen in the pictures and all the knobs/buttons/faders and functions work as they should (this can be seen in the demo video included with the listing).
I have owned this keyboard for the past few years and have never had an issue with it as a sound module/synthesizer. What I have always done is use the main keyboard I have in my studio to send out MIDI (which I normally do with my other synths anyway) so the red glue problem on the JD 800 has never been an issue for me.
As a matter of fact if you are handy enough there are plenty of instructions online on how to MOD the unit into a sound module only (as shown in the last picture) but in reality I never had the need nor desire to do it to mine.
This is a perfect opportunity for someone to get their hands on working JD 800 at a fraction of what they are fetching if they can live without the keys. ”
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