Philips @ 05 July 2016, Comments Off on Philips PMC-100

pmc-100 “PHILIPS PMC 100 Composer, portable FM Synthesizer

Like new! Incl. original box and all accessories! Rare Collectors item!

This is a pure 80ies FM Synth (with programmable sequences section)!

If you are into original retro game sounds this is the right synth for you.

It’s made by the designer of the SFX peripherals of the Commodore C64 featuring:

-a Yamaha two-operator FM chip

-a membrane keyboard (flat, but not capacitive like the EDP Wasp)

-a built-in cassette deck (was meant to function like a musical dictaphone or walkman)

and a programmable drum section

This is a very unique and odd sequencer/synth nobody else has!

It’s almost impossible to get another PMC 100 in this good shape!

Works and looks perfect!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Philips @ 12 April 2011, Comments Off on Philips PMC 100

The good news is that this PMC is cosmetically in beautiful condition there may be a few scratches BUT! the bad news is that it has stopped turning on, and when it does i can’t hear anything. It has a random behavior and i really don’t wanna mess with it since i’m not electronics savvy and will make it worse.

With all that said i’m selling this PMC ” AS IS” no returns and please if you have any questions please ask before bidding if you feel sure you can restore this thing or take it to your electronic guy then go for it.this is sold as non working, for parts or for some music geek that likes to do circuit bending.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.