Performance Music Systems Syntar

syntar“Performance Music Systems Syntar Extremely Rare Analog Hand Held Synthesizer

One of the last and rarest keyboards from the South Florida Keyboard Collectors Estate Sale

I have been contacted by the original designer of the Syntar and have some corrections and additions to make

Only 15 of these were ever made, it is the rarest of the rare and its safe to say you will probably not see another one of these on ebay ever

This unit is #9

Unit powers up but keyboard not functioning properly, the same note sounds for all the keys played

I am not opening this thing up

I have tested it the best I can, not sure what the side switches do except for video

Some of the Potentiometers are dirty and require some deoxit. Not sure if sample hold is functioning . Led lights but does does not flash” Click here to visit listing on eBay