Moog 1150 Ribbon Controller

1150“A very rare Moog 1150 Ribbon Controller that is in good condition, considering it’s age. I believe it’s an older unit (perhaps from the Trumansburg Factory) since it does not have the silk screened lettering on the controls, nor the instruction label on the underside. The ribbon is solid and the two switches and slide pot feel functional.
I no longer have the ability to test the unit, nor do I have the breakout cable end with the female cinch jones connector. I’ve had it for many, many years and forgot I even had it! So it’s time to sell it to someone that will definitely use this unique device it to create new and interesting music.
This rare controller will only appreciate in value because they are so rare- not very many were made. It would be a great addition to any classic Moog system!
Because I can no longer test it, I am selling it as is with no returns. Good Luck!” Click here to visit listing on eBay