Mattson Mini Modular

mmm ” For sale a Mattson Mini Modular, hand made by master synth builder George Mattson. The MMM circuitry is 99% based on the classic EML 100
It has a very “vintage” analog tone…unlike a lot of modern eurorack modulars. This synth plays well with most eurorack modular gear that I’ve used. The MMM comes with:
2x vco
2x filter
16 step sequencer, and sequencer expander
MIDI to cv
2x envelope generators
2x vca
Sample and hold
Utility 1 modual
Cv mixer
Noise generator
Cv buffer mixer
Vca /ring modulator
All in a beautiful walnut case.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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Mattson Mini Modular

mmm “For sale are two panels of Mattson Mini Modular, made by the man himself, George Mattson. Included are:

Two Oscillators

Two filters

The sq816 sequencer and expander

Two envelope generators

Two 4x mixers

One quad vca

One quad asr

One noise source

One vc mixer


One sample and hold

One dual vc LFO

One utility one

One four channel buffer

One midi in voltage and gate out

One power/midi set module.

All contained in a beautiful hardwood easy to carry case. The MMM has never left the home studio, and was never exposed to smoke. It’s in perfect functioning condition and cosmetic shape. What’s great about this system is that it interacts with eurorack seamlessly.” Click here to visit listing on eBay