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digisound “you are bidding on a used and untested Digisound modular synthesizer keyboard controller.

As described its sold for parts or not working, it powers up (both +/- 15V rail indicators light up)

internally it looks clean and no signs of any issue or missing parts

As you can see from the pictures this model has the upgraded power supply which allows 15V power of external modules from the rear of the unit on banana plugs.

Also as pictured the unit has taken some damage and has a small hole on the top of the wooden case, there is also some signs of impact underneath the hole on the other side of the wooden panel, this could be sorted out pretty easily by someone competent with woodwork.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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digisound “Excellent used condition. Some pots are a little scratchy and the “Function” pot does not turn on the 2nd row for the V.C. State Variable Filter. Signs of slight cosmetic wear. Please see the photos above; they are of the actual item for sale.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Here we have an extremely rare and professionally built modular synth.
Actually i’ll rephrase that, modules are professionally built and case is home made
to a high standard.

I’ve talked to a few people about this synth and its value and I’m amending the
price a little.
I don’t want to separate the modules as its a nice little system.

Made and developed in the UK near Blackpool 33 years ago.
VCO, VCF, and LFO’s all seem to function as they should but not got
enough leads to check any further and the price reflects this.
Pitch tracks perfectly too.
Osc and filter sound very thick too
All modules look professionally built.
What I can tell you is it is a 6 module self contained system with the following modules,
VCO (CEM 3340), VCF (CEM3320), Dual VCA (CEM3330, Dual EG (envelope 2 x CEM3310),
a Processor (used for glide etc), Quad LFO and a power supply.
There is a great resource of information on the internet here ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Auction is for the single module pictured.

see pictures for Condition” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“On offer are a pair of the Digisound 80-2 Voltage Controlled Oscillator modules from the mid 80s that are in excellent condition. These oscillators use the very stable CEM3340 VCO ICs (Worth quite a lot on their own), are calibrated to the standard 1V/Octave, and have a frequency range of 5Hz to 10kHz. There are four 0 to 10Volt waveform outputs for Triangle, Sawtooth, Pulse and Sine and also +/- 5Volt outputs of Sine and Triangle waveforms. The 80-2 module has extensive Modulation and Syncronisation capabilities and both modules have just been fully recalibrated. Note that they have been calibrated using a very accurate and stable +/- 15 Volt supply. When connected to another supply they may need slight recalibration to cater for Votage Supply differences. The construction and calibration details are included.

I had these VCOs as part of a homebuilt modular system but they are now no longer required since I completely rebuilt the system and used VCOs that match the rest of the modules.

NOTE THAT THESE MODULES REQUIRE +/- 15 VOLT POWER SUPPLY.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Digisound da converter modular. Part of a project I wanted to complete but never got around to and now need the cash to pay off debts. I dont have anything else to test this with so am unsure whether it works sold as seen untested.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Digisound, Modular @ 18 January 2011, Comments Off on Digisound Modular

“Here we have for sale my Digisound Analogue Modular Synthesizer extremely rare to find one at all. This was supposed to be my project for the new year. Absolutely gutted to be letting it go but my financial situation forces the sale. I believe 8 of the modules to be working but it needs renovation. For anybody that saw this recently they’ll know that the blck plastic inputs that are on some of the modules need replacing. Also some of the CEM chips may well need replacing. The keyboard is working as are the outputs on the keyboard interface” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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” I started this modular synth in the late 1980s, but unfortunately Digisound/Tim Higham disappeared before I could complete my project.

The PSU was purchased so it could supply the full box of modules, the box is original & sturdy, though a bit tatty after a few studio re-arrangements, and was wall mounted until recently via brackets screwed into the bottom. It also has a lot of stickers on it, which I haven’t bothered removing as most are on the back so won’t be seen. The PSU also had some stickers on, and don’t want to remove in case it makes a mess! The box will hold another 8 or 9 modules, the mounting rails (wood) are present but no screws but they’re readily available from a hardware store. The Box measures 96x27x17cm L x H x Depth.

The modules are fully functional, but I can’t say if 100% working order as can’t test it with my current set up. E.g. the last time I used the LFOs (only thing I used on a consistent basis), everything was fine but nothing to wire them to now, the VCO holds tuning for the time I listened to it. All knobs/switches are fine. The modules are (L to R):-

1) Quad LFO – 4 Low Frequency Ocillators with manual pitch adjustment and various waveform settings.
2) Processor – my first module as it can invert, attenuate & produce multiple outputs from 1 input signal, used a lot in its heyday!
3) VC Mixer – a 4/2 mixer (the plan was eventually for it to mix to stereo) which very useful for control voltages & audio. I used it with the LFOs to make weird CVs!
4) VCO – An excellent audio oscillator, lots CVs/knobs! All waveforms outputs can be used at once as well. I sampled the raw waveforms to then have a fiddle with….” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Digisound, Modular @ 23 November 2010, Comments Off on Digisound 80 Modular Synthesizer

“I have decided to sell my Digisound 80 modular analogue synthesizer. If you don’t know what one is, there are some details here: http://www.digisound80.co.uk/digisound/index.htm

If you do know what one is, you’ll know this is a rare opportunity to get one – owners tend to keep hold of them because they sound so good. I am selling mine because it needs some care and attention which I can’t provide.

What I am selling is a synthesizer consisting of the following:

* 1 x Keyboard and (80-1) power supply in the original Digisound case – The PSU is the enhanced +/- 15Vcapable of driving 30 modules
* 1 x Digisound case for 12 modules
* 1 x home-made case for 8 modules containing a second PSU.
* 20 x Modules
o 2 x DAC modules (converts the output from keyboard into CV and gate voltages)
o 4 x [80-2] VCO modules
o 2 x [80-3] VC LFO modules
o 1 x [80-4] VC Mixer module
o 1 x [80-5] (lag) Processor module
o 1 x [80-6] VC LPF module
o 1 x [80-7] VC State Variable Filter module
o 1 x [80-8] Dual EG module
o 2 x [80-9] Dual VCA modules
o 1 x [80-11] Dual Ring Modulator module
o 2 x [80-12] Noise / Sample & Hold modules
o 1 x [80-13] External Input module
o 1 x [80-14] Power amplifier module
* 3 x 15 pin – 15 pin cable (connects the keyboard to DAC)
* Additional keyboard, matrix and output board / joystick / 15 pin socket
* 4 Blank plates
* 2 pre-drilled plates – VC Mixer & Dual EG
* 40+ patch leads of various lengths
* 3 x 3m cables 3.5mm plug to 1/4″ plug (to connect to a mixer)
* Construction notes and manual

The Good Bits
The keyboard, case, enhanced PSU, 1 x DAC, 1 x Noise / S&H, 1 x VCO, 1 x VCLPF, 1 x Dual VCA, 1 x Dual EG were bought by me and made for me by Digisound back in 1987. These are all fully working.

The Bad Bits
All of the other 14 modules were acquired later on. These were made by a previous owner and although a couple work, they will need a service so are being sold as not working. (All of the modules with black sockets on will need as a bare minimum the sockets replacing). Because I am not been able to check them, I cannot state what is wrong with any of them. There is plenty of info available on how each module works / is designed (http://www.digisound80.co.uk/digisound/index.htm has a lot of detail) – I have the construction notes and manual for many of the modules.

So this is an opportunity for an electronics / synthesizer enthusiast to get their hands on a piece of classic analogue synth – one of the best sounding modular synths for a reasonable price. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Digisound @ 13 July 2010, Comments Off on Digisound 80-2 VCO

“Digisound 80-2 VCO board and front panel with components including ICs but NOT CEM3340

In not very good condition, not tested

Front Panel dirty and scuffed in places, no PCB pillars,

Not constructed brilliantly but soldering ok

Been in a cupboard for 20 years!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.