Circuit Abbey, Modular @ 18 March 2014, Comments Off on Circuit Abbey ADSR Jr with Expander

“For your consideration is the Circuit Abbey ADSRjr and Expander for eurorack modular systems.
The modules have been gently used in my smoke free studio, and shows some cosmetic wear(see pics).
They are fully tested and completely functional.
Included in the listing is the Circuit Abbey ADSRjr and Expander as pictured.” Link

Circuit Abbey, Modular @ 07 January 2014, Comments Off on Circuit Abbey ADSR Jr

“used in EXCELLENT condition! original boxes included.” Link

Circuit Abbey, Modular @ 10 September 2013, Comments Off on Circuit Abbey Tripfire

“Two handy-dandy modules in one, a comparator and a gate/trigger delay. Each can be used independently, or the output of the comparator is normalised to the input of the delay by default. Useful for lots of stuff, being able to adjust the timing of triggers is great for rhythmic stuff and having a comparator before it allows you to build up complex patterns from relatively simple sources. Not the flashiest or most attention grabbing sort of module but adds a lot of options into a system in a very small space” Link

Circuit Abbey, Modular @ 11 September 2012, Comments Off on Circuit Abbey ADSRjr

“Excellent module. Versatile and handy adsr that also loops. Line new.

includes module, cable, screws.

Give it a good home.” Link

Circuit Abbey, Modular @ 26 June 2012, Comments Off on Circuit Abbey Gravity Well

“This is a pretty quirky, cool module. Basically, it affects the waveform of anything you put into it either positively, negatively or both at once in different combinations. So it’s a bit like a waveshaper, more like a wavesquisher, I don’t know. It gets more interesting when you consider that it pretty much doesn’t care what signals you stick where. The standard use would be audio into the input and then say envelopes or LFOs or whatever into the modulation inputs, but you can put envelopes into the main input and the audio into the modulators, or anything you want. It’s a hell of a lot of fun and really rewards experimentation. Even just twiddling the knobs produces funky results, and I found it very good for percussive manglings. Less than a year old and despite a little rack rash as good as new. ” eBay Link

Circuit Abbey, Modular @ 12 June 2012, Comments Off on Circuit Abbey Gravity Well

“A few months old. In perfect working order and like new condition. Will be shipped in original box and well packed.” Link