Minod Vorga

vorga “Beautiful swedish design synth, rather unique object in both sound and looks.

These were hand made in around 2006 just for a short period. Less than 20 units was ever manufactured. This one is serial n:o 6. Bought direct from the manufacturer, 1st owner.

This was also special since at that time there was virtually no other similar small analogue tabletop synths – Dark Energy, MFB, Lancet etc all came after this.

Unfortunately lacking some useful CV in/outs, but at the same time the joystick is very special rarely seen in small sized synths. Any parameters can be assigned to X and Y axis for real time editing and adding playability to live performance.

Filter is rather unique too, sort of WASP clone, if I had to compare it to something. The synth has also inbuilt fun little sequencer.

True collectible!

Works with a standard wallwart, which will be not included but info regarding power and user manual will be sent to the buyer.” Click here to visit listing on eBay