Korg Poly 800

“Good sounding synth! Easy to take anywhere. No issues with it, and decent cosmetic condition. This one’s missing the battery cover like most of them. You’ll just have to restore the default sounds when you put batteries back in it. You just have to play a sequence of noises into it that you can find on the internet…”
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Korg 770

“Sie bieten auf einen funktionierenden analogen Vintage – Synthesizer KORG 770 mit kleineren optischen und technischen Mängeln.
Dieser monophone Synthesizer bietet trotz seiner geringen Größe spannende und teils einzigartige Möglichkeiten zur Klanggestaltung
mittels z.B. Ringmodulator und Audioeingang. Das Teil klingt gut und nicht nach “Massenware” – ein Liebhaberstück!
Wegen Neustrukturierung muß ich es abgeben. Es wurde zuletzt in Nichtraucher – Studioumgebung eingesetzt.”
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Korg Polysix

“Angeboten wird ein Korg Polysix! Das Gerät befindet sich in einem guten optischen Zustand, siehe Fotos. Die Oberfläche sieht sehr sauber aus, so gut wie keine Kratzer vorhanden! An den Holzseitenteilen fehlt vereinzelt der Umleimer, siehe Fotos. Teilweise ist dieser noch vorhanden und kann einfach wieder angeleimt werden.
Leider ist bei diesem – wie fast bei allen noch existierenden Polysix die Speicherbatterie im Laufe der Zeit ausgelaufen. Ein bekanntes Problem, was sich aber wieder beheben lässt – siehe Foto der Platine.”
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Korg KPR-77 Project Machine

“Korg KPR-77 analog drum machine + power supply

Up to date photos, great condition and exactly as shown.

ALL instrument tact switches are brand new!

Works with batteries or power supply

Display has segments that come and go, and pattern writing doesn’t seem to work correctly. All sounds are there and it sounds great!”

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Korg DW-8000

“I am selling this awesome analog-digital vintage synthesizer from the wonderful 1980s. This thing sounds retro and phat, but can also be used for nice thin “plucks” and “plinks”.

This synth is well-loved and does need a bit of maintenance. The program buttons can be sticky, the keys sometimes stick, and the arpeggiator seems to be busted. However, all voices are intact and that analog filter is totally badass. This item is sold as is.”
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Korg 707

“This Korg 707 needs about half of the buttons on the control panel replaced. It works great as a sound module, programming patches over MIDI with editor software. Until the buttons are replaced though, you will not be patching on the unit itself. Things look fairly clean inside. ”
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Korg Poly 61

“1982 KORG Poly-61 Poly61 Vintage Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer Works! Roland Juno 60

The Korg Poly-61 is similar in features and sound to the Roland Juno 60. The Arpeggiator and Chord Memory are two of the coolest features. You can sync an analog drum machine that has a trigger out (like the Korg Rhythm 55 KR-55) to the arpeggiator for more fun.

This unit was a victim of battery leakage. It was professionally repaired and a new battery was installed.

Condition notes:
– Missing one screw (and its cam screw on the back side) of the top panel
– Back, bottom-right corner is broken off (see pictures)
– Dings and scrapes
– Some non-original bolts on bottom

– 6 voice polyphony
– 2, digitally-controlled, oscillators (DCO) per voice
– 64 program memory locations
– Large LED display
– Fast, 8-second cassette tape interface (can be used with any sound source such as an MP3 file on your computer)
– Versatile arpeggiator with Latch Mode
– Chord Memory/Unison and Hold Modes
– Four-way joystick with separate LFO frequency
– Full-size, five octave keyboard (not velocity or pressure sensitive)”
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Korg Poly 61

“Excellent condition. Near mint with only minor signs of wear, very clean considering the age of the keyboard. Came from a major label artist’s studio, he had purchased this recently as a refurbished unit. I don’t currently have the refurbishing details but it is fully functional and in excellent shape. It also has midi input! Very clean throughout. Class vintage Korg!”
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Korg MS-20 Project Machine

” Here’s a Vintage Korg MS-20, its the Mark I grey face filter which is a little bit rarer I believe. The filter is aggressive.
It was serviced in 2008 by LA synth tech “Synthfool” Kevin Lightner, RIP.
He rebuilt the Sample and Hold circuit, replaced a cracked key and the front panel jacks, and generally cleaned it up as well as tuned it.
It sounds good. But is in need of more tuning and cleaning.

I’ve included a video of me playing each key, and then running an arp via Midi to CV while tweaking the VCOs and filters. You’ll see in the video that certain keys ‘wobble’ in pitch. Also, notice the volume knob crackles with use, you might get some intermittent noise like that from the pots. I’m not a tech, but maybe this means the contacts need to be cleaned on it in general and especially the keyboard, it is after all 40 years old.

I’m listing it ‘for parts’ as there is no return and these issues are documented, but I’m assuming someone will clean and tune it and not strip it out for parts, which would be a ridiculous shame..”
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Korg Poly 800

“Vintage 1980s Korg Poly 800 Analog Synth Synthesizer Please Read Preset Issue

Comes With Hard Case

Default presets have been modified to custom sounds from the previous users tastes. The korg will need to be reset to default settings so i can be used as normal. There are many sites that show you how to do this but i do not have time, hence the price! DIY and save money!”
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Korg Poly-61M

“Korg Poly 61M with a new battery (a genuine made-in-Germany Varta NiMh).
It is fully functional, all keys working, all switches responding, midi, tape interface working and factory programs loaded.

Cosmetic blemishes- slight edge damage on the right cheek shown. Still, among the nicest, I’ve seen, especially lately…

No calibration was needed- still at factory spec. All voices match. All original chips.

Please see all pics. All original screws/washers are intact, but several pics don’t show them.

This is a very nice 61M and you will not be disappointed.”
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Korg Poly 800 with Moog Slayer Mod

“The Korg Poly 800 for sale here has been completely cleaned and restored to perfect working condition. All keys contact and rubbers have been cleaned and working.
A new battery installed. The C Cell battery compartment has been disabled so no more worries about acid leaks, as the new battery retains all the patches.
Moog Slayer mod gives you Frequency and resonance control that sound GREAT !
CV control input jacks added allows external control over Freq-REZ.
12/24 DB filter selector switch and a FM control. With these mods and the synth restored its now an even greater synth. Korg should have built it this way because with these mods the synth is AWESOME !”
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Korg 01/WFD

“I’m selling a classic 61-Key Korg Synth Workstation. See pictures for details, but it appears it was dropped by the previous owner. Still works great though. I’ve been using it to record some songs and I love it. Have had no problems with it at all. Lots of built in sounds, plus a sequencer so it’s a lot of fun to play around on. Perfect for anyone whether they’re looking to learn on it or a professional with a home studio looking to record or even play live.

Not in the best shape, but works great! See pictures for details. Highest 2 keys stick when pressed. Floppy drive looks banged up and may not work, cannot test that. Also is missing the little topper for volume knob.

Comes with the keyboard only. ”
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Korg Poly 61 Project Machine

” Here we have a Korg Poly 61 with issues, I have had this for a few years with the intention of fixing it. It lights up and makes sound but has suffered from a battery leak .


I have had it looked at and the engineer said it needs one chip (logic) which is widely available and a battery and the voices re loading if you desire.

It’s not an expensive or difficult task , i just never got round to it and my wife says I need to thin the herd …..;(”
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Korg DW-6000

“I am selling my Korg DW6000 Keyboard along with, A Keyboard stand, A Roland TR505 Rhythm composer and a Technics 145w keyboard amp, model SY- T15, plus all connecting transformers, plugs and cables. All the equipment is in first class order and ready to go.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Korg EX-800

“Due to having no knowledge of how to use this im selling it for spares or repair.
I have powered it up and Button No2 does not seem to work, however all other numbers show up on relevent display, also “Value” display does not seem to work. I have taken the top off and everything inside looks in excellent condition. If you know what you are doing this could be a piece of cake to fix up . On the outside it has obviously been well used as can be seen in the picture and it has some small scratches and a bit of motteling around the edges here and there.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Korg Poly 800II

“Korg Poly 800ii, Key contacts were all cleaned, all keys are working as they should. Sliders all work- Pitch and mod work- Part of the trim ring around pitch level looks like it is missing. Has brand new power supply. Not sure how the sequencer works, was able to see it stepping thru, however I don’t know how to use it. Unit has some scuffs here and there but is good condition for its age. Tuning slider cap needs replaced but slider pot still functions fine, just a cosmetic thing, Some really cool sounds on this unit. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Korg Rhythm 55 Project Machine

“Vintage 1970’s Korg Rhythm KR-55 analog drum machine. condition is Not Working and is offered for parts or repair. Mechanically, all functions appear to be working EXCEPT the bass drum sound. All other buttons, settings, switches, and lights appear to work. Cosmetically, the case has a chip and crack on one rear corner, and showing some paint wear to the control panel as can be seen in the pictures. No missing, bent or loose knobs or switches. The foot switch is not present.”
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