Ionic Performer

“This is a very rare vintage analog synth with internal click button patch matrix. 4 on board oscillators, with one that can act as an independent modulator. multiple wave forms. one low pass filter bank, that can also be converted to high pass. Unit also has ring modulator function, XY axis for alternative parameter settings on the fly. built in spring reverb, also on right keyboard panel are other effects as well. one ADSR, white noise generator. the keyboard oscillator can act tonally independent of the panel oscillators. Connection on back panel for connection to external sequencer. Has built in speakers, but can be connected to external sources as well. On back panel a modification was built to access external sequencer and disable the function of oscillator tracking. Synth comes in its own case with mint condition chrome legs that screw on bottom of case. Unit turns on but there seems to be a contact stuck inside transverse bus bar. Because of this possible interference of contact, the keyboard emits one tone only throughout the entire register. This should be able to be fixed by any keyboard technician. Otherwise is in excellent condition – all knobs in tact and the unit itself has no scratches and the metal face has no real signs of wear. Buyer must pay for shipping. Winning bidder will receive custom made sequencer built especially for this unit which is pictured under the Ionic Performer on the bottom shelf. There is a custom built toggle switch in back of the Performer that enables and disables the use of the sequencer.” Click here to visit listing on eBay