Hammond Innovex Condor RSM

Hammond Innovex Condor RSM “Description: . comes as seen. please see all pictures. Comes w/ Cool Case / Stand as seen. Keys for locks are not included. this is the woodwind version of the GSM (Guitar) Synthesizer

Condition: Powers on and all Functions appear working. seem to have all it’s sounds and seems to be pretty much working correctly but I do not have a sax w/ a pickup to test it. I run a guitar through it and the unit appears to work but the output is not very lout and you have to hit the strings pretty hard to get it to work on some of the functions. like you need a pickup with more ohms to drive it. looks in great shape. no damage. it has been sitting a long time and will most likely need some internal cleaning and service. Pretty cool and quite the rare unit. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay