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Evenfall Mini Modular “Up for sale is a very rare factory-assembled Evenfall Mini Modular semi-modular synthesizer in excellent cosmetic and functional condition. Item will ship with original power supply and owner’s manual. It’s in great shape and works perfectly. It is one of the biggest sounding monosynths I’ve heard, vintage or otherwise.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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evenfall mini modular“Seems brand new, no rack rash or marks like jacks have been plugged in

No power supply

Midi in jack on rear

Unit was fired up with power supply, see pictures

Unable to test beyond that

Unit is dusty but looks nearly perfect with a few scratches, see pictures” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Evenfall Mini Modular Rack Mount Synthesizer. This is a normalled, patchable analog synthesizer. It’s playable as a standard monosynth, but you can use patch cords to change modulation routing etc. This is a kit-built unit (Evenfall offered kits or prebuilt units during this synth’s brief run.) I believe I’m the third owner. Everything’s in great shape, working well, sounding terrific. There’s some very minor wear on the unit’s face and rack ears, but it’s overall quite nice cosmetically. Includes power supply, manual, and a handful of patch cords to get you on your way to modular bliss.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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!BloWqEw!mk~$(KGrHqEOKikEtjjWFlucBLccE-jfjQ~~_1 “Evenfall Mini Modular (Wiard, Cwejman, Blacet)
Rare analog modular synthesizer!

This auction is for the ultra rare Evenfall Mini Modular!

Designed as a collaboration between Grant Richter (designer of the famous Wiard 300 series modular) and Chris McDonald, the Evenfall sounds as amazing as it’s heritage would imply. This one is “factory-built” and not one of the few kit versions sold.

The condition is very, very good / near-mint.

Many functions are packed into this slender 3U synthesizer. 2x VCO, 2x VCA, 2x LFO, 2x envelopes, 2x mults, lag processor, sample and hold, waveshaper, MIDI to CV converter and, of course, a fantastic filter.

Like with the Arp 2600 and Cwejman S1, the synthesizer has sensible normalized routings, interruptable via patch cables. Very convenient for workflow but still as flexible as a proper modular.

It comes with eight patch cables and the original Wiard style PSU.

This device will be shipped boxed very safely by an individual with a passion for musical instruments – not by a shipping depot employee. This item is sold as-is, but has been tested prior to listing and found to be working without problems!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.