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“Elka Synthex
Serial Number:710
MIDI Equipped
117 Volt AC

Elka Synthex
Original Flight Case
Original Elka Stand + Stand Bag
Original A/C Cable
Original Elka Synthex Schematics (x2)
MIDI break out box
Sustain Pedal

Up for auction is this Elka Synthex in excellent condition. In some instances I’d go as far to say it is in mint condition considering it’s age.

These don’t come around too often as they only made approx. 1600-1800 of these worldwide, and are extremely rare to find second hand.

Also included is the original flight case & original triangular stand, to complete the Elka package.

Midi is installed on this unit, and midi breakout box is also provided.

It has been in kept in it’s flight case since acquired, never gigged or used for the matter.

This particular Synthex had previously been owned by a representative for Elka in Canada, and shows little to no sign of use.

All synth boards test working, and no dropped voices, or other electronic problems.

All pots, knobs, switches, keyboard, and LEDs function properly.

The only issue to highlight is 6 of the potentiometers (knobs) are a bit harder to turn than the rest.

Since they function properly, and don’t skip or crackle, I haven’t opted to spray any de-oxit or any other type of switch lubricant, and keep it entirely stock…

Ships in its flight case covered in bubble wrap, and will be double boxed.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“This is a kind of a project I don’t know anything about so I leave it to the musicians who know about this. I hooked it up to a creapy old amp and there is sound. Also some “dead” keys.

For shure this one need some work so if you can not handle this, please do not bid. This is an “as found, as is” auction.. NO return.

The case is a bit rough but stil very useful. See pictures they will tell you more about the condition. The keyboard is cosmetic in pretty fair shape. As you can see on the picture two of the plastic knobs are missing, the handles work fine.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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:This is an original ELKA SYNTHEX polyphonic synthesizer, mostly made famous in recordings by Jean-Michel Jarre (yes, those presets are on-board). This particular Synthex is in good working order, except that it tends to crash periodically, which basically just blanks it out for a second and it forgets what patch it was on. It’s not that big of a deal, just a minor annoyance in my experience- might be more of a problem if you plan to use this beast live (I never have). Also, some of the knobs are a little hard to turn, but I imagine this is probably an easy enough mechanical issue to fix. This Synthex comes with the much-sought-after factory installed MIDI interface, which is working, though the actual midi functionality is very basic. All other functions work properly as well, including the awesome sequencer. Cosmetically it’s in quite good shape, with minor scuffs/scrapes. The interior is immaculate. Included is the original flight case, which has a few dings in it (see pics) that don’t really affect its functionality. Also included are photocopies of the user and service manuals, as well as an extra fresh battery for the patch memory, which I never got around to installing.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Elka Synthex in fantastic condition.

This Synthex looks and sounds gorgeous. It has been lovingly looked after over the years and I believe it has never gigged. I have owned it for 8 years during which time it has had a quiet studio life (smoke-free environment). Now it’s time for somebody else to enjoy this amazing instrument while I move in to a new direction.

If you’re looking for a Synthex, you know why: the rarity, the fame, the lush sound of a Yamaha CS80 without the weight and maintenance worries (and the £12k price tag…), the majesty of a Memorymoog without the unreliability and the rare parts. It is a pleasure to own and play; the Synthex has very few parts that are not easily replaced, so you are near enough guaranteed many years of enjoyment. It is also an excellent investment opportunity if you are so inclined.
This one works absolutely fine. Just before putting it up for sale, I took it to be professionally checked over: it sports a certifiably clean bill of health. I have employed James Walker to look after this machine from Day 1: he was senior engineer for Music Control before launching his own business, which vouches for the quality of his work. In the years I have owned this Synthex, it’s only needed a visit to him once before this check-up in order to replace a logic chip. This proves how reliable it is. The electronics of the Synthex offered here have been thoroughly tested. No problems were found in any of the voice cards or in any of the logic modules. The only fault found was in the 5V power supply which has now been completely revamped. As a matter of precaution, the battery for the memory has also been replaced.

As well as being 100% functional, the cosmetic condition is very good. The front panel is very clean with no dings. The only real fault is a small amount of paint rubbing in the top right as can be seen in the close-up picture – no damage to the metal. The wood-work has wear consistent with this synth’s age and use – ie only a few marks. The keys are in great condition. This is a very clean example which would delight a collector. I have a full set of high-definition pictures which I can email you if you would like to check the aesthetic aspects. Just ask… before you bid.

The serial number is 1315. It comes with factory-fitted MIDI.

It comes with a photocopied manual, a lead for British plugs and a full flight case. The case is very solid and well made. Going by the text on it, it used to hold a Jupiter 8 and at one stage toured with (Elvis?) Costello. The foam on the bottom part has been removed to provide a better fit for the Synthex. The foam in the top part is intact and provides ample protection. When in transit, the top of the joy-stick is unscrewed to prevent damage.

Because it has such a solid flight case, it can be mailed overseas, including Europe and North America. However, if you live outside Europe, please get in touch before bidding in order to finalise shipment costs. The case will be wrapped in bubble-wrap and then cardboard for extra security; the butterfly-clips will be secured with cable-ties.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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Zum Verkauf steht ein ELKA Synthex

Der ELKA Synthex ist ein seltener und einzigartiger 8-Stimmiger, polyphoner Synthesizer aus dem Italien der frühen Achtziger-Jahre.
Sein klares, übersichtliches Design, die sehr gut bespielbare Tastatur (mit Abstand besser als eine aus dem Jupiter-8, OB-X)
und die “weichen” Fader und Potis gewährleisten ein Spielgefühl der Extraklasse.

Der Synthesizer ist ausgestattet mit einer grossen Bandbreite an Möglichkeiten, er besitzt 2 DCO’s, 2 LFO’s,
einen sehr speziellen 3-Modi Chorus und noch weitere Spezialitäten wie:

✰ Multimode Filter (HP, BP 1&2, LP)
✰ LFO Routing auf VCF, VCA, PW, OSC A&B, OSC B Ring Modulation & Sync
✰ Äußerst vielseitiger Joystick (kann auf die OSC’s, VCF, LFO2, etc gelegt werden)
✰ Mono / Stereo Mode “Panned Detuning”
✰ Interner (Poly-)Sequencer mit Transponse, Notenlänge, Step-Edit & Echtzeit
✰ 40 Elka Presets, 40 Benutzer Speicherplätze
✰ Glide / Portamento kann unabhängig gelegt werden (z.B. nur auf OSC B)
✰ Splitbares Keyboard und viele andere, einzigartige Möglichkeiten!

Es wurden nur ca. 1600 Synthex gebaut, dieses Exemplar dürfte 1982/83
gebaut worden sein. Es ist die erste Version ohne Midi, jedoch mit zahlreichen anderen Anschlüssen.

Das Gerät ist auf Betrieb mit 220V ausgelegt.

Folgende Arbeiten wurden erledigt :

★ Innen und Aussen sauber gerinigt
★ Fader und Potis behandelt und gereinigt

Für sein Alter befindet er sich in einem sehr guten Zustand.

Lediglich an den Holzleisten-Seitenteilen gibt es minimale, altersbedignte Abnützungen.

Einziges, optisches Manko: Bei einem Poti fehlt die Abdeckkappe, wird aber mitgeliefert (original Ersatzteil)

Bei den 6 Fadern haben 2 Abdeckungen gefehlt, wurden aber durch 6 andere, passende ersetzt,

die originalen Faderkappen werden aber natürlich mitgeliefert.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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EVERYTHING WORKS PERFECT.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This listing is for an Elka Synthex vintage analog synthesizer (220V version…if purchased in the US you will need a converter). The unit is 100% functional and while there are a few things to note it is still in good cosmetic condition as well. It’s got a few dings and scratches on the wood, one of the slider caps broke off (the slider still works and is accessible though), The pitch/mod joystick is missing it’s tip pieces (still works perfectly though) and it’s missing a knob cap which is available from www.virtual-music.at. The face is in great condition and it sounds awesome. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“ELKA EM44 Programmable Digital Synthesizer Module

Module version of the Rare Elka EK44 Keyboard. The Layer/Split/ Multisplit functionality was great for live work.

As you can see from the photo, it has quite a few wear and “scuff” marks but is in perfect working order. It also has a couple of the rubber feet missing.

Comes with user manual – I can supply a standard “kettle” type mains lead if required

Recieves Dynamic touch sensitivity and aftertouch (pressure control) midi commands.16 Performance Registrations (patches), 64 Internal ROM Presets, 32 Internal RAM Presets.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“In dieser Auktion verkaufe ich meine ELKA SYNTHEX POLYPHONIC ANALOG SYNTHESIZER MIT MIDI. Der Synthesizer ist optisch und technisch in einem 100% Zustand. Alle Knöpfe und Schalter funktionieren perfekt. Die Stimmung ist auch gut (keine Driften Oszillator) und Der Sequenzer funktioniert super. Es gibt minimal Benutzer Markierungen auf dem Boden. Sie können dieser Synthesizer abholen in den Niederlanden (Präferenz), aber ich kann den Elka auch senden (NICHT FREI)” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Elka SYNTHEX aus der erste serie ,,kein midi , das geräte funzioniert nicht ,,, , Zustand gut ,,,Gebraucht ohne garantie ..” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Here we have an ELKA Wilgamat 3 with some sort of ELKA amplifier/speaker device that I have never seen before nor can find any information on. Bought this at an estate sale and I do not know what it is worth. I am listing it at a low starting price because I do not know what it is worth and I have no way to test it. I have a cable with it, but do not know if it is the one that interfaces with the speaker device. Does not look like it does. I do know it plugs into the Wilgamat. This looked like some part of an accordion setup and I know the Wilgamat 3 was used to interface with ELKA organs as a rhythm accompaniment.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“For sale an Elka Synthex analogue synth.

Brief specs: 8 voice polyphonic analogue synth, 2 oscillators per voice with all the usual waveshapes. Single/ dual or 2 part split modes (split mode: 4 voices on each split with seperate outputs on the rear for upper/ lower), 4 track sequencer, fantastic filter- 24db low pass, 12db and 6db band pass and 12db high pass filter modes. Extensive modulation possibilities and routing, unique programmable glide section independant for each oscillator. Amazing 3 stage chorus ensemble. 2x LFO’s, 2x ADSR envelope generators, 40 patch presets and 40 user memories.

This Synthex has just been fully serviced and has had the power supply capacitors replaced. It is in full working order and good cosmetic condition, it does have some minor cosmetic imperfections here and there but nothing worth worrying about, check out the auction pictures.

This Synthex has factory midi installed.

Comes with some accessories- full ATA flightcase custom made for the Synthex (brand new), user manual and full (large A3) schematics, also including some spare IC’s, 2x CEM 3320 filter chips and 3x BBD’s for the chorus circuit.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Das Gerät stammt aus einem Nachlass und wurde meines Wissens in den letzten ca. 7 Jahren nie benutzt. Von allen vorhandenen Geräten wurde nur das Piano genutzt, hier wurden einige wenige Stunden geübt. Das genaue Alter ist unbekannt.

Das Elka Gerät hat der Besitzer mal von jemandem bekommen der wohl nur gesagt hat dass es irgendwie dazu passt……
da wir aber nun alle keine Musiker sind wissen wir noch nicht mal was es ist.

Im Netz habe ich Hinweise gefunden dass es wohl ein Synthi oder ein Rhythmusgerät oder auch ein Drumcomputer sein könnte. Ob es etwas mit MIDI zu tun hat oder MIDI- fähig ist weiss ich nicht. Für weitere Hinweise bin ich sehr dankbar.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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” Einer der seltensten Geräte die eigentlich schon kult sind ,
kenner wissen das gerät zu schätzen ELKA OMB 5, genaure daten im netzt.
Gerät ist aus privaten studio und nichtraucher.
Technisch und optisch für sein alter in gutem zustand .
Abholung möglich oder überweisung” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“For sale is the legendary ELKA Synthex in very good and working condition with midi. There is a lot and I mean a lot of information about this synth on the net, just Google for it! It really has legendary status now. Many people believe it’s the best sounding analogue 8 voice polyphonic synthesizer ever made! It’s in the Roland Jupiter 8 and Sequential Prophet 5 league type of synthesizer and this particular model has history too. It has spent it’s earlier days at the Berlin Hansa Studio (Bowie, Iggy, Japan, Depeche Mode etc.) in Germany. The serial number is 1238 of only between 1500 and 1800 ever made (people are unsure about that). The last model was made for Stevie Wonder after production already stopped. More famous players: ELP, Jamiroquai and Jean Michel Jarre. Viewing in west London welcome!!!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Versteigert wird ein
ELKA OMB3 mit Tastatur sehr guter Zustand

– technisch kein Fehler, wurde vom Fachmann überprüft

– optisch Gebrauchsspuren Zustand aber gut

– so wie auf dem Bild abgebildet” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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Here we have a rare chance own a obm3 sound module

This unit has been part of my setup from new

Was purchased in 1986 as far as I can remember

If you want that orthentic elka sound but without that heavy & huge piece of furniture then read on

Includes Treble solo bank of 15 timbres plus 2 custom

Has Chord/Treble Orchestra bank of 15 timbres plus 2 custom

There is a ryhthm section with 18 ryhthms plus 4 custom

Has a full arrangment section /Bass section /chord section and much more

Has a Midi in port so can be intergrated into your setup

Rear panel has sockets for footswitches (Fill in&Start)-2 outputs L&R plus expression pedal All 1/4″ jacks

Has also an input for keyboard chord playing (I think this is for a 1 octave floor pedal)

Mains lead also included

I should still have the manual and box as these may still be in my attic

This unit is in excelent working condition not a mark in sight

It has never been opened/modded or gigged” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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ist funktionsfähig

Optisch auch gut erhalten siehe foto. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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I sell my vintage ELKA SYNTHEX analog polyphonic synthesizer.

It’s been bought new in 1985 in Milan, Italy and it’s always been kept in a clean studio since then.
Never gigged nor toured; just never moved out my recording studio.

It works perfectly and I never had any kind of trouble with it. It still works like its first day of life.

It comes with the original stand and legs, including the rare vinyl carrying bag to protect’em.
In addition, the original Elka MIDI interface to plug into the onboard
“computer port” is included, providing a basic but solid MIDI in/through/out connection.

I just uploaded the Factory Patches into the synth’ memory, that include the famous “laser sound” used by Jean Michel Jarre.

I no longer have the original user manual, but I’ll be happy to provide the winner an electronic copy of it.

Not only: the winner will also get an original vintage Synthex german 4 pages flyer, kept like new.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Old, rare, analog

ok, who cares? There’s lots of old rare analog gear floating around these days. Why should a Synthex stand out? After all, it’s not made by Moog, ARP, or Roland. What’s the big deal anyway?

Fans of Jean Michel Jarre can sit down – you know one answer. Fans of great analog chorus circuits can sit down, you know another answer. Fans of big beefy polysynths with multi-mode filters (rarer than hen’s teeth) can sit down, you know yet another answer.

In my opinion (whatever that’s worth plus the fact I’m actually selling this guy), the Synthex is the best sounding analog polysynth ever made. I’ve owned them all – MemoryMoog, CS-80, Jupiter-8, Matrix 12, Chroma, the list goes on. When I cut my studio down to the bare bones, this Synthex survived the cut. I’ve changed my direction and decided that it was time to sell this one.

As a side note – I’ve owned a few Synthexes over the years and this one always sounded better than the others. I’m not sure if this is a prototype or just an early production run, but it certainly differs from the standard production models you’ve seen for sale in the past. The circuit boards inside have some differences, the casing is certainly different – no stand mounts, the bottom is the same wood as the side panels, no serial number plate, and slight differences in the front panel lettering.

To keep this Synthex running for the next 20 years, I recapped all the circuit boards and the power supply. It’s nice and stable and sounding like it did 25 years ago. I checked all the switches and had to replace 1 that was acting up. I saved the original, so if you have a desire to refurb the original switch and put it back in, you can.

The Synthex runs on 230 volts, and I have a step up transformer included if you happen to live in a 120 volt country (like the US). I also have the owners manual and service manual and a few extra switches if you ever need them.

Take a look at the pictures and decide if this Synthex is for you. I hate to bring up the craziness that seems to be happening with analog synth prices, but for better or worse, these things seem to be appreciating faster and faster as time goes on. You only have to look at the CS-80 and Jupiter-8 prices to know what I mean.

I will ship worlwide, but know that the Synthex is a big and heavy beast. I will pack it well for travelling, but since I have no control over how well it is handled, I have to say this sale is ‘as-is’. If you want to drive and pick it up, that would be great too. The Synthex is currently working 100% and I did a basic calibration on it before I closed the lid. It is sounding awesome and is ready for you to play.

Still more about the Synthex – I know by now all you guys that read these ads (any girls look at this stuff?) understand that Google is your friend and you can find tons of cool information and videos and audio clips on the web about pretty much anything ever made, right? However, I wanted to take a couple minutes to point out some features that might not be immediately obvious.

The left side has a couple nice features – the joystick and 6 sliders make it easy to route modulation to the oscillators, filter, and to do pitch bending. Being a joystick, you can push it diagonally to get more complex modulations happening and the sliders are a quick and easy visual reference for the amount of modulation being applied. The LFO section actually has 2 separate routings with separately adjustable depth for each path. This makes it easy to get a light filter mod happening while you also have a deeper pulse width modulation going at the same time.

The filter has been much talked about. True, useful multimode filters in analog polysynths are rare. Many synths will give you a good low pass filter with resonance and then throw in a mostly useless high pass filter as well (or sometimes not even that). A lot of the coolest Synthex sounds come from using the high pass or band pass filters with resonance and some modulation. That creates sounds that you simply can’t get on any other polysynth, classic or modern.

The chorus. Ahh, the chorus. Sometimes I feel guilty about leaving some level of chorus on most of the time. The Synthex sounds so good without the chorus, but when you turn it on, it takes it to another level. Pure buttery bigness. yum!

Last, but certainly not least is the sequencer. Very cool little thing. Multiple tracks, realtime transpose, realtime tempo control, tracks can have different lengths, simple to use. More than a scratchpad – it can be your partner in creativity.

So, that’s a little bit more for you to consider.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Sie bieten hier auf DEN Dreamsynth: einen ELKA SYNTHEX mit Midinterface in absolutem Bestszustand.


Technisch perfekt funktionsfähig und optisch nahezu im Neuzustand (minimale Kratzer sind vorhanden, siehe Bilder)

Dieser Synthex hat eine Seriennummer unter 1000, d.h. deutlich kräftigeren Sound als die Modelle über 1000 (erst ab ca. sn1200 war das Midi-interface Standard, dieser frühe Synthex ist mit einem original Midi-interface nachgerüstet worden.)

Der Sequencer bietet bei diesem Synthex ein besonderes Feature, da nur sehr wenige Synthex-Modelle implementiert haben:

Der Sequencer arbeitet exklusiv im Step-mode, der Gate Regler funktioniert hier als “Groove” Regler, man kann hier stufenlos die sequencen mit “groove/shuffle versehen, und das mit einem sehr extremen Regelbereich!

Die Versandkosten sind Schätzwerte, ich werde nach Auktionsende die günstigste Versandart ausfindig machen.

Ich empfehle jedoch dringenst, diesen Synth in Berlin mit einem PKW-Kombi abzuholen, ich denke dieses “Schätzchen” ist eine Reise Wert und hat einen 100% sicheren Transport verdient.

Auf Anfrage kann der Synthex gerne in Berlin Mitte besichtigt werden!

Paypal bitte nur für Käufer außerhalb europa und nur wenn es nicht anders geht, die Gebühren sind mittlerweile 10-11%!!!


You are bidding on the DREAMSYNTH of this Planet: The ELKA SYNTHEX with MIDI in absolutely amazing condition!


Technically in perfect working order and in stunning optical condition, like new (minimal tiny scratches are here and there, please look at the pics closely)

The Sequencer of this Synthex has a very special feature, which is not implemented in many Synthex:

The Sequencer does operate in Stepmode exclusively, the Gate knob works like a “grovove-shuffle controller with extreme values! Very cool, groovy & unique!!!

The Shipping-costs are just estimated, i will determine the exact, best, safest and cheapest shipping method after the auction has ended.

Pickup in berlin is recommended, shipping of a Synthmonster like this is always a risk.

Paypal only if you have no other payment option, please, the fees are way too high, 10-11%!!!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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omb34 “Vendo expander – arranger OMB 3 ELKA in ottime condizioni.

Ideale per fisarmonica midi o tastiere.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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synthex “The synthex is a very lush sounding classic analog 8 voice synthesizer. Later versions implemented basic MIDI functions. It has 30 knobs, 6 sliders, 80 switches and a joystick. Powerful sounds with 2 oscillators per note, separate envelope generators, chorus and even a sequencer! The use of stable DCO’s (digitally controlled analog oscillators) and oscillator cross modulation of Pulse Width and a multimode filter made it unique in its time.
There is a cool joystick that replaces traditional pitch/mod wheels and allows for greater variable real-time control over the two LFOs, oscillator and filter modulation. The 6 sliders beside the joystick assign what (LFO, osc and filter) goes to the joystick. Voices can also be layered or split across the keyboard. Other great features include the onboard digital Ring-Modulator, Chorus effect and Dual or Layer modes available. And also a four-track sequencer rounds out this synths host of features. Two of it’s tracks can output MIDI data.

(from synthmuseum.com)

“Perhaps the best of [the Italian synths] was Elka’s Synthex, an eight-voice polysynth with an on-board four-track digital sequencer. The Synthex began as an outside project by Mario Maggi, but was developed, manufactured, and distributed by Elka in an attempt to break into the professional keyboard market. It boasted more features than its contemporaries, the Prophet-10 and the OB-Xa. The Synthex had a multi-mode filter, cross-modulation capabilities, three levels of good quality chorusing, and a sequencer that was a breeze to use – a rarity in the pre-MIDI days. The fact that it bore the Elka name seemed to put a lot of people off. Elka persevered, however, making the sequencer multi-timbral and adding MIDI as a retrofit.

This is truly a wonderful machine. I’ve owned it for more than ten years, and it never went outside my studio. Although it’s from the eighties, it still looks almost new. The sounds are still impressive, clear and crisp. With this synth you don’t need much else. Use the sequenser and layer mode for days of experimental pleasure, or use it in a midi setting. It has the factory midi. Not very complicated, but good enough. Copy of the manual is included. All functions work 100% On the internet is plenty of information to find about this beautiful synth. Good sound examples on synthesizer.at downloads synthex workshop.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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em22 “ELKA EM 22 sound module (Arp Moog Roland Oberheim) 6-voices 2-VCOs per voice Programmable Polysynth module Another hard to find little treasure! I was not sure if I wanted to sell this, but here it is. It has a nice John Carpenter feel to some of the sounds and a certain italo character that keeps on growing on you! It is a 6 voice 2 oscillator synth with some exotic modulation, sync routings and multi stage envelope generators it also midi compatible This example is in good working order, it has two missing screws from the back but the condition is generally good. Come with a printed version on the manual” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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elkarhapsody “This a collectors gem from 1975. All it does is the classic 70s string sounds AND its polyphonic! If you remember the ARP string Ensemble this sounds very very close to that sound. Used on 1,000 of albums back in the day including Tangerine Dream.

The sound is extremely buttery warm melt in your ears analog and cannot be reproduced by a sample in a computer. Why? Because computers are digital machines!

Comes with Elka hard case. Keys are nice and white and all are leveled. There are only two setting buttons Cello/Violas and Strings. The Cello works fine however the strings DO work but the output is low. This is a very easy fix Im not a tech and probably just needs a volume pot adjusted. Missing one slider cap but the slider is not broken and works fine.

Powers up fine, all keys make sounds and there is NO crackle either! ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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elka_1 “Hallo,

very reluctantly, I’m forced to sell my ELKA SYNTHEX vintage analog MIDI polyphonic synthesizer.

It’s been bought in Milan, Italy, in 1985 by my ex-piano teacher who kept it in his clean studio through 20+ years before
selling it to me.

It is complete by its factory MIDI interface (plugged in the rear interface,see pic), the original metal stand including the vinyl carrying case.

It sounds very terrific and still looks beautiful and nearly new. There’s a small scratch in the right wooden side (see pic) but that’s it.

This synth sounds way better than many other machines I’ve had, including the Prophet 10 and the Oberheim 4 Voice, not to mention its
deep programmability and the chance of having 3 different filters onboard, a 4 tracks sequencer and the joystick.

In addition, I’ll give the winner a small collection of original articles concerning the Synthex I found on vintage magazines, such as
Keyboard (DE and US) and Beat Instrumental.

The Synthex will be shipped with the original factory patches preloaded in, plus a backup of the patches in Sysex. format.

The Elka Synthex is a heavy and delicate machine, and it will be shipped worldwide with UPS courrier ONLY, as they are, to my
knowledge, the only company who can take care of pick it up at my place and professionally pack it and ship it through the globe.
This will end up being expensive, but I want the winner to receive the synth in the same exact perfect conditions the synth will
leave my studio alike.
So that, the shipping cost indicated below is purely indicative.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay. elka_2elka_3elka_4